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*ALL SERVICES ARE CLOSED for the summer except for the Peer Help Tutor Website.

Peer Help Tutor

Need a tutor for a specific uOttawa course or want to become a Peer Help tutor? Click here to access the Tutor Web App or visit

The Peer Help Tutor service is an initiative created by 2019 uOttawa alumni student, Mira Ghossein. Launched in November 2020, the tutoring service allows students to match with registered tutors for specific University of Ottawa courses at an affordable price.  

All tutors must have at least a B+ as a final mark in the course(s) they are intending to tutor. Furthermore, in order to maintain affordability of tutorship services, Masters and PhD students are to charge no more than $30/hour. All other tutors are not permitted to charge more than $20/hour. 

Peer Editing - Essay Corrections

Peer Editing is available for students who want to get their essay or reports corrected by one of the Peer Helper volunteers that are in good academic standing. Volunteers cannot help students to write an essay, restructure a thesis or argument, however only correct their grammars and punctuations. Students can book in-person appointments by sending an email to or dropping by the office.  (Please note due to COVID-19 there will be no in-person appointments. However, you may email an essay for corrections and receive it back in 2-3 business days). 

Presentation Critiques (Only on Zoom due to COVID-19)

The Presentation Critiques service is to help students improve their presentation skills. Peer Helper volunteers are trained to offer constructive advice on giving effective presentations and to build students’ confidences. The presentation critiques are divided into 11 steps which will help the student learn; how to connect with the audience, focus on the audience’s needs, how to start the presentation strongly, how to use the voice effectively, how to reduce stress and anxiety, and etc. The students will have three practice sessions in which they get to self-evaluate themselves on the content and the delivery of the presentation. Students can book their appointments on Zoom using the following link:

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