Elections Candidates

Elections Candidates
2021 General Elections Candidates

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Board of Directors Positions

Faculty of Education

(x1 Position Available)

Vacant Position

Faculty of Law - Civil Law Section

(x1 Position Available)

Alexis Khouzam_Photo


Faculty of Law - Civil Law Section

Dear students,

My name is Alexis Khouzam, and I am a first-year civil law student at the University. From a young age I have dedicated the majority of my actions to helping others. Teamwork is a true value to me. I am also a big advocate for mental health and well-being. As someone who understands the subject from a personal perspective, I know sometimes it can be difficult and how students, especially in a time of a pandemic, can feel hopeless and demotivated, lost and confused. I am someone that hopes to have the opportunity to bring your concerns to the UOSU board of directors and have your voices be heard! I will always have your back and truly always be there for anyone in need of anything. Law school is difficult but know you aren’t going through it alone. I will be your helping hand and friend whenever you need and will always have your best interest at heart.

Hope to see you all soon in person and don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you need anything at all.

Lots of love,


Faculty of Law - Common Law Section

(x1 Position Available)

Vacant Position

Faculty of Medicine

(x1 Position Available)

Toros Canturk_Photo


Faculty of Medicine

Hello everyone!

I am Toros Canturk and I am a second-year medical student who is part of MD2023 English Stream. I have always been passionate about leadership from high school and in university. I am also currently the acting class president for my stream, a role I have been holding the past 2 years. I am also privileged to be the director of the Faculty of Medicine this year. My experience in the UOSU has been great, working closely with many other members and collaborating with them in various sub-committees have been rewarding. Being able to advocate for the Faculty of Medicine is a privilege that I do not take lightly. I aim to constantly improve the ways that I receive feedback aids the quality of advocacy that I can do. Currently and next year, I will continue to provide students with numerous platforms to provide feedback in order for me to be best informed in the problems that are impacting your experience here in the University of Ottawa. Additionally, I will continue working closely with the other members of the UOSU for the most effective and multi-faceted efforts in advocacy. Finally, I will continue working closely with ASOC to ensure the most impactful effect in our efforts to contribute to your experience in and out of the classroom with events, networking opportunities, and update of resources. Please feel free to share any area that you think I should focus on. I am always available!

Faculty of Health Sciences

(x2 Position Available)

Lyzaid El-Fatouani_Photo


Faculty of Health Science

Hello everyone, I am Lyazid El Fatouani, a new student at the University of Ottawa. I am studying my first year on the degree of health science. With regard to my communication skills, I am trilingual at both the oral and written levels in French, Arabic and English, the last of these being a language that I endeavoured to master since my arrival in Toronto fewer than two years ago. I have also had a basic understanding of Spanish as a result of taking a few courses while in Morocco.

Text BoxWhen it comes to problem-solving abilities within his community, I’m someone who seeks to deescalate conflicts, this ability to deescalate verbal and even physical conflicts is a result of my problem-solving abilities, which are supported by my excellent communication skills discussed earlier. I volunteered at the Bendale Acres Long-Term Care Home in Toronto to better understand the health sciences when it comes to caring for the elderly, and to then apply what he had learned in helping the home’s residents. I also Completed the certifications within the Health and Wellness Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) while I was in secondary school.

Finally, I am confident for the future of the university and not to forget the health science program


Anjolina HAMEL

Faculty of Health Science

I would like to join the Board of directors to bring new perspectives on mental health and suicide prevention, get more feedback and amplify the Health Science Students’ voices through social networking, on campus or at home. I want to raise equity and intersectionality, amplifying ressources for women in STEM related fields.  

With the Black Lives Matter movement being such an important movement for progress, I also want to actively contribute towards a higher recognition, representation and accessible resources for visible minorities at the University of Ottawa. I want to make use of our resources in order to hinder the ongoing systemic racism happening at the University of Ottawa.  

I am a sociable, accessible candidate with a passion in science, arts, politics and social media engagement strategies to reach a vast majority of people.

Victoria Paller_Photo

Victoria PALLER

Faculty of Health Science

Hi I am Victoria Paller. I am currently a third-year student in the Honours of Health Sciences program in French immersion and I am running for the position of Board of Directors for the Faculty of Health Sciences.

I am running for this position because I am passionate about student politics and working with the UOSU to make the university experience better for students within and beyond our faculty. I have always been driven towards politics and making my voice heard in order to facilitate change and engage in open discussions about prevalent issues.

If elected, I plan to work with the UOSU to pass and vote on motions that benefit students in our faculty, work with other members on the BOD to ensure our faculty voice is heard, and make informed and beneficial decisions in terms of finances and amending parts of the Constitution.

A vote for Victoria is a vote for someone who always has the best interest of our faculty in mind, having someone who deeply cares about the issue’s students in our faculty face, and someone who will get the job done for the benefit of our students!

Make the best decision for our faculty by voting for me and let’s make Victoria victorious.

Demetra Sainas_Photo

Demetra SAINAS

Faculty of Health Science

Hey Health Sciences! I am running for re-election to the UOSU Board of Directors representing Health Sciences. I was so fortunate to have been elected last year, and there is still so much that I want to do. Since last May, I have worked on behalf of students to bring forward solutions to issues that students are far too familiar with. Some key files that I have endeavored on include a mental health report to present to uOttawa administration, getting the UOSU involved with other University students’ unions at a provincial and national level to coordinate advocacy efforts, and getting finical aid to students impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Along with attending monthly board meetings, I am a member of 3 committees.


The best part of my work has been connecting with Health Science Students. Especially this year due to all the issues that have come up with virtual learning, many students have reached out, and it has been my pleasure to advocate for students’ rights to professors and faculty administration. Moving into next year, I am looking to complete an accessibility check list with the Student Life Committee to ensure that all campus events are accessible. Along with strengthening our constitution and continuing to work on the mental health file, my other focus will be a smooth transition back to campus. Depending on the situation next year, a lot of flexibility will be needed so that all students feel safe, and I will be working with the UOSU, Health Science faculty and uOttawa admin to make sure that happens! Please email health-sciences-demetra@seuo-uosu.com to get in touch!

Faculty of Arts

(x3 Position Available)

Lindsay Coles_Photo

Lindsay COLES

Faculty of Arts

Hi, my name is Lindsay Coles, and I am in my third year of communications studies at the University of Ottawa with a minor in feminist and gender studies. I have spent the past year advocating for communications students academically in the through my role as Vice President University Affairs in the Communications Student Association. Through this role I have advocated for the fair treatment of communications students by professors, helping improve the classroom experience for all through the transition to online learning.

Over the past year, students at the University of Ottawa have been struggling to keep up with online education while dealing with social isolation, overwhelming workloads, and the stress of living through the covid-19 pandemic. As your Arts representative, I promise to advocate for improving the mental health resources available for students both on and off campus. My goal is to expand on the coverage included in the student insurance policy to diminish the financial barrier for students trying to access mental health resources on and off campus.

Improving mental health resources at the University of Ottawa only goes so far when racism is prevalent on campus. Making sure the concerns of BIPOC students’ and advocacy group’s are taken seriously and addressed by the board of directors crucial to making sure our campus is a safe place for all students when decisions regarding them are concerned.

Alexandra Skwarchuk_Photo


Faculty of Arts

Hello fellow arts students!

My name is Allie and I am in my third year of my degree in Modern Languages and World Cultures. I am excited to put my name forward to represent you on the UOSU Board of Directors. I want you to know that throughout this process, my highest priority is ensuring that your concerns are heard. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me by email (askwa009@uottawa.ca) or through my Instagram page (@allie.uottawa).

As a director, my work will be centered around fostering an inclusive and decolonial university environment while building towards a sustainable future. My main goal is to improve accessibility and health services as well as combat discrimination faced by marginalized students. A large part of accessibility includes advocating for mental health support and awareness. This becomes more than ever pertinent as we tackle online learning and life in lockdown, especially for those of us who are isolated from friends and family. When the time comes, I will also support a smooth and safe transition to in-person studies that won’t disadvantage any student or put our health and safety at risk.

We all know too well that university can be challenging in many different ways. My hope is that with your support, we can face these challenges together, in hopes of enacting positive change for future uOttawa cohorts.


Allie Skwarchuk

Faculty of Engineering

(x3 Position Available)

Emma Ballantyne_Photo


Faculty of Engineering

Hi! My name is Emma Ballantyne, and I am running to be a director on UOSU’s board of directors representing the faculty of engineering. I am a second year Biomedical Mechanical Engineering student in the co-op program, and I am currently involved with the Engineering Student Society as a member of the conference selection committee. I have also been a part of the uOconnexion program for the past two semesters as an upper-year volunteer helping international students to adjust to life at uOttawa and have held multiple on campus positions with the university.

I am interested in becoming a director as a way to be actively involved in the decisions that are made regarding our university experiences. I would like to be able to represent the faculty of engineering as someone who would keep the student’s best interests in mind and can help to create a more inclusive and supportive environment.

Feel free to reach out to me by email (eball068@uottawa.ca) or Instagram (@ballantyne52) if you have any questions or concerns!

Faculty of Sciences

(x3 Position Available)

Buse Loclar_Photo


Faculty of Sciences

Hello everyone,

My name is Buse Loçlar, and I’m a first-year biomedical sciences student (French stream).

As an international student, starting university across the world through a screen was a big challenge for me, as it was for all of us. Working to inform students of the resources available (for academics, mental health services…) and working to better these resources is one of my main goals.

As your representative, I hope to be someone you can always reach out to no matter the problem. I will make sure all your concerns and suggestions are heard and will work to make our university more equitable and accessible to all students.

Throughout high school, I’ve worked with various student-led organizations, took part in the student committee and the honour council. I’m also fluent in French, English and Turkish, and have a basic understanding of Spanish. With my experience and being an international student, I gained a unique perspective and will bring a different point of view to the board when handling conflicts.

Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime, even just to talk! (email: blocl086@uottawa.ca / insta: @buseguloclar)

Albrightine Orsar_Photo (1)

Albrightine ORSAR

Faculty of Sciences

My name is Albrightine Orsar. I am running for the board of directors for the Faculty of Science.

I am a student in my third year of biomedical sciences. I have held no political position in the past but I come with lived experiences that I believe will help me navigate the position well. It is my intent to help the faculty as a whole and to champion causes that will help underrepresented voices be heard.

Advocacy is close to my heart and I made my decision to run to do just that, advocate for all! I plan to make myself accessible, to be transparent and to work hard to ensure that the goals I set, and your expectations of your representative will be met

I believe that alongside my passion and want to effect a positive change in my fellow student’s lives make me an excellent candidate.

Tarasha Sharma_Photo

Tarasha SHARMA

Faculty of Sciences

Hello! My name is Tarasha Sharma (she/her) and I’m a third-year biopharmaceutical science student. This past year I had the honour to serve on the UOSU’s Board of Directors as the Faculty of Science Rep. This year, I’m excited to be running again and bringing with me even more experience and concrete action plans to improve your experience at uOttawa.

I plan to:

  • continue my work on the Funds and Scholarships Committee. Undoubtedly, there is increased financial stress for many students given the current circumstances. I believe its beneficial to have several small to mid-range scholarships than a few highly competitive scholarships so that many students can access financial support than a select few. I aim to establish an online scholarship portal on the UOSU website and make it accessible year-round
  • continue my work on the Student Life Committee to complete the Accessibility Checklist to ensure that campus events such as 101 Week are accessible
  • increase avenues of communication between students and the UOSU. As your rep, I will develop easier methods of receiving your feedback, answering questions, and having useful discussions to hear your input and actively presenting it to the board. This will be beneficial to ensure a smooth and safe return to campus in September so that all students are updated and their concerns are considered

I bring with me experience, passion, and dedication to create an enriching environment for you.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime at sciences-tarasha@seuo-uosu.com (email) or @tarasha.s (Insta)

Telfer School of Management

(x3 Position Available)



Telfer School of Management

Maxime Chouinard_Photo


Telfer School of Management

My name is Maxime Chouinard and I am running to represent the Telfer School of Management on the UOSU Board of Directors. I believe in club empowerment, lowering fees for students, improving mental health services on campus, and the promotion of la Francophonie. Connect with me on LinkedIn or Instagram, I’d love to meet you!

Aziz Dhieb_Photo


Telfer School of Management

Hi everyone! My name is Aziz Dhieb and I am an international student from Tunisia studying Finance at the Telfer School of Management. I have always been incredibly passionate about assuming a leadership position in hopes of being able to effectively help people and contribute to lasting change. Consequently, I have embarked on several opportunities to enhance my management, cooperation, and communication skills. Further, my main objective is to employ these skills to ensure that I am a proper advocate and representative for my community. Thus, I am ecstatic to announce my candidacy for this position on the Board of Directors of Telfer! I am eagerly looking forward to attentively listening to your concerns and proposing productive and innovative solutions. With that being said, vote for me if you’re seeking to have your voices heard and your university experience improved! This is an incredibly difficult time for all of us, but I promise to put my best efforts forward in making your undergraduate experience one that is memorable! Please vote for me between 9:00 am on March 24th and 9:00 pm on March 27th through your UOttawa emails. For more information about me and my campaign, please visit my Instagram page @Aziz_dhieb, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! I would also like to say that I am always available as someone to talk to about absolutely anything regardless of whether I have your vote.



Telfer School of Management

Faculty of Social Sciences

(x4 Position Available)

Carson Baker_Photo

Carson BAKER

Faculty of Social Sciences

Hey! My name is Carson Baker, and I’m a second-year International Economics and Development student running to be one of your representatives on the UOSU Board of Directors. I’m running my campaign based upon three pillars:

  • Dependability: Your representative needs to be someone you can depend on; I have a history of advocating for the issues that students care about, pushing back, and helping inspire change. I’m going to commit to continuing this for you and help make a change in the areas you care about.
  • Responsibility: You need your representative to be someone that you can rely on to be responsible, regardless of the situation. Should I be elected your representative, I want to bring responsibility to all facets of the role; from the management of UOSU services to ensuring financial diligence within the union. I believe I will bring strong, tested reliability to this role.
  • Transparency: The Faculty of Social Sciences needs a representative that can adapt to the changing needs of the students and be fully transparent with policies and strategies being implemented. I plan on being a transparent representative, and fully open to the criticisms of those I represent; consistently changing as required to meet the needs and excel in ensuring satisfaction of the students.

I believe these three pillars of my candidacy are key to the representation of the students of Social Science here at uOttawa, and why I believe I am the best choice for your Board of Directors.

Alaina Brunone_Photo


Faculty of Social Sciences

Hello everyone! My name is Alaina Brunone and I am a first-year student at the University of Ottawa. Currently, I am studying international studies and modern languages, specializing in French and Italian.

Over the past year, I have been an active member in the uOttawa community through my participation in uOMUNA and as a committee director for CAPMUN 2021! As a first-year student, these experiences helped me to network and feel comfortable and connected to the school community even with the online school. I believe that in times like these, the student voice is more important than ever and deserves to be heard. Our physical and mental health are some of the most important aspects while navigating university. We deserve to be safe and feel included as well, regardless of ethnicity or religion. Our University has faced hardship regarding some of these very issues and it is important that they are properly addressed. For these reasons I hope that as the Board Director for the Faculty of Sciences I hope to address these issues and any new issues on the behalf of students.

Alexandra Cooper_Photo

Alexandra COOPER

Faculty of Social Sciences

My name is Alexandra Cooper and I am a third year student in the Honours Political Science program with CO-OP. I was motivated to run for the UOSU Board of Directors representing the Faculty of Social Sciences by my own experiences at the university over the past three years, as well as the experiences of others that I have witnessed. I believe wholly in the abilities of our union to work within the students’ best interests in its internal affairs and its dealings with the university in order to ensure the fairest and most enjoyable university experience for all students. Over the past three years, I have also come to appreciate our student-run governing bodies and the roles they play in enhancing the university experience for all students through the provision of student services and advocating on their behalf. In my candidacy, I will emphasize the principles of community, integrity, and wellbeing, as each of these principles embodies what I would like to see in a representative as a Social Science student myself. I hope that in my candidacy, the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences will get to know me as an individual and know that I will always be willing to hear their concerns and recommendations for how I can best represent them as a Director on the UOSU Board of Directors. 

Samiatou Doumbia_Photo

Samiatou DOUMBIA

Faculty of Social Sciences

Hi! I hope you are well!

My name is Samiatou Doumbia and I am a first year student in the Faculty of Social Sciences, specifically in the Public Administration program. I am passionate about art, music and fashion. Thus, I aspire to be in politics, because I enjoy the role of representation to be the spokesperson for those who prefer to remain discreet.

I am running for this election in order to get involved in the board of directors. It would be an opportunity for me to contribute to the development of my community. To resolve concerns and improve the daily life of every student in the Faculty of Social Sciences. This is also a training, to give me the necessary tools to be the voice that represents the students of my faculty.

I will have the opportunity to share my background and my experiences, in order to resolve the situations that arise within the faculty. I have lived in several cultures and countries, so I value cultural diversity and I have respect for each other’s culture.

My goal is to listen to my fellow students in the Faculty of Social Sciences, because I believe that before setting any goal, we must first listen to the people we want to represent. Listen to their suggestions, proposals and concerns. I think that’s where setting concrete and effective goals for change comes from.

Sherouk Elasfar_Photo


Faculty of Social Sciences

Hey, My name is Sherouk Elasfar, and I’m running to be one of four directors for the Faculty of Social Science. I currently am a second-year student at the University of Ottawa, pursuing a Bachelor’s in International Economics and Development and a Minor in Political Science. A little bit about myself, I’m a big coffee enthusiast and love visiting local cafes. I also enjoy taking pictures and have a passion for photography and cameras. For the past year, I have been able to successfully launch my own portrait photography business, SheringPhotos. I’m lucky to have been apart of the University of Ottawa student body for the past two years, and I’ve gotten a chance to be involved in a few areas. I’m the current director of marketing for INSAF and a member of the Ultimate Frisbee Women’s Varsity Team. Outside of the university, I am involved in the ConvHERsations podcast production team as a social media director and episode producer. I’m also a member of GirlUp Ontario, a UN Foundation organization, and am on their executive team as Social Media Director. With loads of experience and a passion for change, I know I’m the right choice for the Board of Directors here in the Social Science Faculty.

Henry Mann_Photo

Henry MANN

Faculty of Social Sciences

In his third year studying political science, Henry has represented Faculty of Social Sciences students on the Board of Directors since May 2020. Henry first ran for student government to bring a fresh voice to the table and concentrate on priorities that would help the Union better serve the student body. Over the course of the past year, he has put in countless hours working to address the pressing issues confronting University of Ottawa students, ranging from mental health challenges to Union accountability to policy advocacy at other levels of government. He has been a tireless advocate for Social Science students at monthly Board meetings and through membership in five committees.

But this work is far from over: Henry is seeking a second term on a platform of increasing support and services to students, fostering more inclusive and vibrant campus life, and maintaining accountability from the Union’s decision-makers. Henry is hoping to make further progress in supporting mental health, developing student housing resources, advancing climate justice and equity, and strengthening governance to name a few specific priorities. He is enthusiastic about the Board’s role in improving the UOSU’s potential to have a positive, supportive impact on students’ everyday lives, and is seeking re-election to continue bringing this energy and dedication to student government.



Faculty of Social Sciences

Hi everyone! My name’s Dawoud Najmudin, and I’m in my first year of International Studies and Modern Languages (specializing in Mandarin). I’m from a rural area just outside of Niagara Falls, so I have chickens, rabbits, and I’m hoping to get some sheep soon 🙂. This year has been tough for us all – and with Covid, everything is uncertain. This position requires candidates to have the flexibility to adapt to these circumstances and continue to best represent our faculty. I’ve been involved with student government and local politics for the past few years, which will allow me to have that flexibility and experience. Covid has changed everything about our lives, and our academic setting is no different. Whether, like me, you’re a first-year student navigating this new university experience, or a fourth-year student finishing up your studies, I will ensure that these circumstances are handled equitably, responsibly, and transparently. Feel free to shoot me a DM if you want to discuss my platform/prior experience, or just talk, or even if you want to see pictures of my chickens 🙂 Stay safe, eh!

Adshaya Shanmygathasan_Photo


Faculty of Social Sciences

Hello FSS! My name is Adshaya and I’m a first year student in the Honours BSocSc in Political Science and Juris Doctor (JD) program. I am running to be elected as one of the Board of Directors representing the Faculty of Social Science in the University of Ottawa Student’s Union. I am an adaptable and hard-working community leader and activist who is eager to make a difference in FSS. As a first year student who was deprived of a normal university experience, I want to ensure that students have nothing but the best experience at the faculty despite uncertainties going forward, with a particular focus on accommodations amidst a pandemic including but not limited to advocating for student aid, academic flexibility, and privacy rights. I am also interested in promoting career development at the faculty by creating networking opportunities and making degree related information more accessible. Finally, I am committed to creating a more equitable environment for our diverse student body. By voting for me, you will gain a committed student advocate who will fight for your needs on the Student Union Board of Directors.  Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope I can count on your vote this March 24-27. For further information regarding my past experiences and platform, please visit @adshu.uosu.seuo on Instagram or feel free to contact me at ashan075@uottawa.ca

Lewis Wilson_Photo


Faculty of Social Sciences

Hi everyone! My name is Lewis, and I’m so proud to be a candidate in this election! I’m going into my third year in political science, where I plan on concentrating in Canadian and comparative politics. Over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with various organizations, both inside and outside the university. These include serving on the Model Parliament Committee, IPPSSA’s Bilingualism Committee, Horizon Ottawa, the English Debating Society executive, and Senator McPhedran’s youth council, where I am currently assisting with campaigns to lower the federal voting age to 16 as well as to adopt a universal basic income. I’m running because I want advocate for all students, especially under-represented students, and amplify their voices in our elected bodies. My platform centres around accessibility, advocacy, and accountability, which I believe are incredibly important values for a candidate, and hopefully Board member, to have. For more information on my platform, including my plans for increased sustainability and accessibility, as well as ensuring all Board members are held accountable, please visit the link below or my personal Instagram. I hope to be able to serve you all and advocate for the issues you care about, so feel free to message me with any questions or concerns!

Executive Committee Positions


Timothy Gulliver_Photo



Hey uOttawa! My name is Tim – I’m a third-year political science student, a Korean-Canadian, and I’m running to serve as the UOSU’s next President.

Let’s be honest: this year has sucked — quite possibly one of the hardest times to be a student in a generation. And it’s not just the public health crisis that we’re facing, but other crises too — a mental health crisis, a financial insecurity crisis, crises relating to racism and discrimination, and a crisis in the very way we learn.

As your Advocacy Commissioner, I’ve worked hard to make things just a little bit easier. A pass/fail option in the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters. A hardship fund for lower-income and international students. A streamlined complaint form for online learning complaints. And working with and supporting colleagues who are challenging the University and levels of government on mental health, education affordability, climate justice, anti-racism – and much more.

But there’s still so much left to do. As President, I will lead an equitable and ethical union that builds community and that cares, as we gradually begin a return to campus. I’ll make improvements to our health plan, support student leadership at the grassroots, clubs and faculty associations, help re-open Pivik, and work hard to deliver tangible change that improves your student experience.

Most of all, I’ll lead with compassion, honesty, and transparency.

Together, let’s build a Union that Works for Everyone.

Vacant Position

Equity Commissioner

Vacant Position

Francophone Affairs Commissioner

Lia Bosquet_Photo


Francophone Affairs Commissioner

Hello everyone! My name is Lia Bosquet and I am running to represent you as the Francophone Affairs Commissioner on the Executive team of the Student Union. I am a second-year student in Communications and Psychology, and I’m from France.

My francophone identity is very important to me as it allows me to stay connected to my roots despite often being far away from my community and my family.

I see so much potential and diversity within the francophone community on our campus, even in the way French is spoken, and that diversity should be showcased more.

If elected, my goal will be to ensure that the francophone community on our campus and its diversity is embraced, included and heard. I would also love to further promote bilingualism on campus via more french events, and more spaces for francophones to interact with each other, as well as more opportunities for people to learn or improve their French.

Operations Commissioner

Ratisbonne Mukadi Kazadi_Photo


Operation Commissioner

Hello Everyone !

I am Ratisbonne Mukadi Kazadi. I am currently running for the OUSU election as the Operations commissioner. Beyond my passion for administration and Organisation that led me to apply for this position, it was also the desire to serve my student community that basically pushed me to really take the plunge. There are many points that I would like to tackle once elected in favour of my student community, among these points, there are point such as:

  • Advocate for better funding adapted to the pandemic situation towards clubs and associations registered with the UOSU.
  • Ensure that OUSU funds are priorly allocated to projects with visible and direct impact on the entire student population.
  • Always ensure the proper internal functioning of the various services of the UOSU.
  • Ensure the good performance of all employees of the UOSU to always guarantee quality services to the student community.
  • But also work with all the other commissioners to be the defenders of the interests of all members of the university of Ottawa student community.

Here is a brief outline of what my mandate as the Operations commissioner will be based on. I, therefore, ask you to give me the opportunity to be at your service during the 2021-2022 period and allow me together with the other commissioners to work for the interests of our student community.

Together, let us build tomorrow!

Thank you!

Nouria Sawadogo_Photo


Operation Commissioner


My name is Nouria SAWADOGO, a third-year student in economics and political science. I’m excited to be running for the post of Operations Commissioner.

I’ve always been passionate about involvement in the student community whether it is through being part of student associations like AIESEC as Vice-President or through my volunteer experiences. I am therefore proud to stand for this position to make the voice of all university students heard and to assert their rights.

Not only that, but I know that students face some of the most difficult times of their lives, whether it is dealing with distance learning or even the myriad challenges of this pandemic. This can affect mental health, but also can have a significant impact on finances, as our resources are increasingly limited. It is then more difficult than ever to feel connected to our campus. The goal of my campaign is that students feel listened and supported to by their Student Association more than ever to ensure the well-being of the student community.

I, therefore, invite you to consult my platform available on Instagram which is focused on 4 keywords: Support, Innovation, Transparency, and Efficiency (S.I.T.E) to ensure the satisfaction of the student community. I hope to get your vote in the elections on March 24-27, 2021 to make this a reality.

Vacant Position

Student Life Commissioner

Ashley Wunsch_Photo


Student Life Commissioner

Hello! My name is Ashley Wunsch and I am a fourth-year International Development and Globalization student with a minor in Spanish. Throughout my four years here, I have made being involved one of my main priorities. Given that, I have been involved in many clubs, committees, and organizations around campus. When I am not tabling in UCU (pre-pandemic of course) or in a meeting (virtual or not), you can find me reading, writing, watching Netflix, or traveling. I am so excited for this opportunity, and please feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about me as I love to chat to people!

Vacant Position

Advocacy Commissioner

Armaan Kheppar_Photo


Advocacy Commissioner

My name is Armaan Singh Kheppar, and I’m running to be the Advocacy Commissioner on the University of Ottawa Student Union’s Executive Committee. I’m finishing my second year in political science in french immersion and minoring in history. Over my last two years, I have immersed myself into our university community, serving on the IPPSSA’s Public Administration Committee and then going on to become IPPSSA’s VP of Equity and Activism. Throughout the last year, I have been an active member of UOSU’s Equity Roundtable and am passionate to stand with progressive policy and to advocate for student rights. I’m running to be your next Advocacy Commissioner because I have a passion to serve our student body and to fight for our interests, whether that be challenging the university administration, municipal and provincial governments or kickstarting initiatives to better serve the student body. What’s important to you, is important to me, and that’s why I will fight for you!

Vacant Position

Student Services Commissioner



Student Life Commissioner

Vacant Position

University Senate

Faculty of Education

(x1 Position Available)

Vacant Position

Faculty of Law – Civil Law and Common Law

(x1 Position Available)

Michelle Liu_Photo

Michelle LIU

Faculty of Law – Civil Law and Common Law

My identities as a queer woman of colour allow me to advocate from an intersectional perspective that is often underrepresented at decision-making tables. If elected, I will strive to ensure that BIPOC, 2SLGBTQ+, low-income and students with disabilities are appropriately accommodated in the transition to a partially in-person academic year.

I have nearly 10 years of experience in student advocacy, including 2 presidencies, 5 directorships, 3 advisory council/committee seats, and 2 board memberships. I am currently the Common Law Director on the University of Ottawa Students’ Union Board of Directors, a member of the Common Law Student Society Presidential Subcommittee, VP Communications of OUTLaw 2SLGBTQ+ Law Students Association, and a member of the Common Law Faculty Council.

My experience serving on various University-wide, Senate-level committees here at uOttawa and at my previous institution make me a good fit for this position. I have advised and voted on student services expenditure, equity and mental health objectives in strategic planning, accessibility modifications to campus infrastructure, appeal and petition processes, adjustment of graduate stipend based on university revenue, exceptions to degree requirements, and more.

By supporting me, you can ensure that you are represented by an experienced student leader who prioritizes diversity and inclusion in advocating for an equitable return to in-person activities. Please feel free to reach out in any way you feel comfortable!

Faculty of Medicine

(x1 Position Available)

Mawaia Elkbouli_Photo

Mawaia (Maya) ELKBOULI

Faculty of Medicine

Hello everyone,

My name is Maya Elkbouli and I am a third year TMM student. I am happy to announce that I will be a member of the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine Senate for the 2021-2022 academic year!

Third year was a difficult year for me as well as for most of my classmates. In fact, I have noticed that there are many challenges to overcome in order to improve our future academic experience. Among the obstacles we faced, I have noted that there is a need for changes in grading guidelines, course syllabus guidelines, academic integrity, exam accommodations, as well as many other issues that aim to improve our programs and learning.

I am a passionate, outspoken individual with exceptional leadership skills, thanks to the various responsibilities and positions I have held throughout the past few years. I am fully capable of representing all of you and act as a liaison between you and the faculty to achieve our goals. Finally, please know that I will do my best to meet your expectations within our wonderful faculty!

Without any further ado, I wish that you vote for me especially if you are concerned by these changes and really want them to be implemented. I hope to serve what’s best to us and to our school!

Please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or if you just want to chat about different topics. My email is melkb052@uottawa.ca.

Faculty of Health Science

(x1 Position Available)

Vacant Position

Faculty of Arts

(x1 Position Available)

Celina Seguin_Photo


Faculty of Arts

Celina Seguin is in her second year as a Communications and English Student in the Faculty of Arts. She is actively involved in student life as the Arts’ Senator, member of the Executive Committee of the Senate, Vice-President of Health, Wellness, and Accountability with Alpha Phi, uOConnextion Mentor, and many others. She has also been an active community member by playing and refereeing soccer and hockey, coaching soccer, and being a youth camp counsellor. Her range of experiences allow her the necessary insight to serve and represent our diverse student population.

The role of the student representative in the Senate forms a critical part of the student voice. As a current Senator at uOttawa and former Student Trustee, Celina has learned the importance of representing students in various subject streams and extra-curricular activities, while gaining experience with academic policy. 

Celina hopes to pursue three pillars of accessibility, advocacy, and action. Her vision is to build a stronger sense of unity and collaboration, and a central point of access to engage with student leaders. She will prioritize filling vacant student seats on university committees. Celina is focused on being actively engaged in the decision-making process, striving to maximize student success with online learning by evaluating how decisions affect students locally and abroad. Celina plans to promote her values of wellness, equity, and inclusion, and is dedicated and receptive to input regarding new and innovative programming.

Faculty of Engineering

(x1 Position Available)


Balkissa TOURE

Faculty of Engineering

Telfer School of Management

(x1 Position Available)

Reana Agil_Photo

Reana AGIL

Telfer School of Management

My name is Reana Agil, a second-year finance student running for senate. I am currently the VP Academic of the Telfer Case Competitions committee, a Telfer Career Centre Ambassador, and Head of Workshops with Project F.L.Y at Enactus focused on providing workshops for youth that fill educational gaps.

With the daily changes in our lives, I believe our circumstances have changed yet expectations from Telfer have remained the same and it is no longer realistic and feasible for us as students. Here are my objectives:

  1. Changes in the expectations for academic affairs such as unrealistic time and course load requirements.
  2. A realistic and implementable approach to proper mental health changes for students, such as hiring in-faculty professional counselors. Mental health looks different for everyone and we need flexible and professional support to begin making a real change, like our career counseling.
  3. Better accessibility and delivery times for Bursaries and Scholarships.
  4. Proper representation and understanding of experiences faced by POC students, as a woman of colour myself, I find there is a gap between the actual and perceived student experience. I am proposing focus groups and opportunities such as bursaries and scholarships only available to POC students.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I would love to hear from you:)

Prisca Simpore_Photo


Telfer School of Management

I hope you are doing well. We are going through hard changes right now, but we shall triumph.

My name is Prisca Simporé. I am a third-year international student in management at the Telfer School of Management. I currently work as an Employer Relations Assistant at the Career Development Centre at the University of Ottawa.

As a representative of my faculty in the Senate, my vision is to assist our leaders in making decisions that will enable us to overcome the current and future challenges we are facing. As you may know, those challenges are related to our adaptation to change, our ability to innovate and our capacity to embrace globalization.

It is my mission to raise your voice to ensure that the consensual views of our community are heard on all matters concerning the present and future of our faculty, considering the various communities present on campus.

Fellow students, if you trust me and I am elected, I will be honored to welcome your different points of view through surveys or exchange platforms with the goal to always be aware of your concerns about the life of our current and future student community.

Faculty of Sciences

(x1 Position Available)

Mahee Cote_Photo

Mahée CÔTÉ

Faculty of Sciences

Hello, my name is Mahée Côté and I’m applying for a Senate position as a student from the Faculty of Science. I think I would be a good candidate, because I’ve always been an ambitious person and moreover, extremely passionate about pure sciences. I’m now the creator and president of an independent association of STEMs, wanting to bring together students who are passionate and willing to accomplish collective goals while helping them strengthen their curriculum experiences. I am also from the only officially bilingual province of Canada, which gives me the opportunity to represent all our beautiful colors in term of bilingualism and Francophonie for the university, something that I value a lot. Passion, thoroughness, tact and implication are characteristics that animates me and that would bring an interesting contribution to the Senate. Whether it is to move from the Maritimes to Ontario alone to undertake studies in biomedical sciences in my early 17 years old, or to move to Montreal in order to get actively involved in geriatric institutions to counter Corona Virus, when it’s time to get involved, I do, and I do it with all my heart. Thank you for your time reading me and I wish you all the best for all project you’re willing to undertake in the Future.

Samantha Yee_Photo

Samantha (Sam) YEE

Faculty of Sciences

Hey Science students! I’m Sam Yee (she/her) and I’m running to represent you on the Senate. I have the experience for the job, and a passion for serving my fellow students. I had the honour of representing Science on the UOSU BOD this past year – but now I’m ready to take my advocacy skills to the Senate to pass academic policies that prioritize students’ mental health and success. My goals for the Senate are:

1) Improving relations between students, UOSU, and uOttawa administration. My time on UOSU shed light on the disconnect between students and admin; I hope that I can bridge that gap through regular meetings with all parties if elected to the Senate.

2) Implementing comprehensive mental health, anti-oppression, and online course training for Faculty of Science professors. I was called to help with Respondus and other academic crises far too many times this past year. Profs need to understand the complex considerations around the pandemic, mental health, and intersectionality when creating course outlines, and how to support students when they ask for help.

3) Electoral reform. Currently, part-time students are excluded from running, volunteering, and voting in Senate and BOG elections. I believe this is unfair and everyone enrolled in a faculty program should be able to participate in student democracy.

As a Student Senator, my votes will always serve students’ best interests. Check out my social media for more platform info, and vote Sam for Senate March 24-27!

Faculty of Social Sciences

(x1 Position Available)

Julia Alvi_Photo

Julia ALVI

Faculty of Social Sciences

Hi, Social Sciences students! I am a fourth-year student in Conflict Studies and Human Rights with a Minor in Law. I am running to ensure that you are not only aware of changes to your academic regulations and programs, but feel actively involved and represented in Senate decisions.

These past four years, I’ve had the chance to advocate for your academic and mental well-being, including as Director of Bilingualism of my student association for two consecutive years; a writing advisor with the Academic Writing Help Centre; and an Action Team Member for the Womxn’s Resource Centre. These experiences inspired me to represent you on the Senate based on four pillars:

  • Better support to help you map out and succeed in your academic journey, including clearer guidance on evolving FSS course requirements;
  • Increased virtual learning support, including dedicated mental health resources and tailored guidance for graduating students to plan their futures in the age of Zoom;
  • Advocacy for a stronger Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) framework on campus; and
  • Deeper consultation and transparency to stay connected on the academic issues that matter most to you – YOUR perspectives are what will shape the 2021-2022 Senate.

Feel free to check out my detailed platform on Instagram and Facebook and reach out if you have questions, feedback, or just want to chat!



Faculty of Social Sciences

Anjana Balachandran is a Political Science student at the University of Ottawa with a passion for helping students and advocating for youth voices.

Anjana has worked on several NGOs and community projects, including Senator McPhedran’s youth advisory. She is currently the intern coordinator at Think Tank and Civil Society Program, run by the University of Pennsylvania. She has interned at the NATO Association of Canada and the Rideau Institute. Anjana is also a founding and Steering Committee member of The Canadian Coalition for Youth, Peace, Security (CCYPS). She was a co-founder of the Nepean Constituency Council and organized an event for the Canadian Cancer Society which raised over 45,000$.

On-campus, Anjana’s lead of operations for Sprout, a social enterprise which addresses food insecurity in food desserts around Ottawa. She is also director of sponsorship for CASCO, a student-run charity for CHEO.

Running for Student Senate, Anjana hopes to prioritize the mental health and wellbeing of her fellow peers whilst addressing both academic and non-academic matters.

Anjana hopes to address these issues as Student Senator:

  • Mental health and wellness support
  • Lowering tuition costs
  • Significant increase in financial support through scholarships and bursaries
  • Adaptive/flexible academic regulations

Anjana invites any comments and suggestions regarding her platform. If you have any questions about her campaign, feel free to reach her by email (Abala046@uottawa.ca) and LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/anjana-balachandran/).

Max Christie_Photo


Faculty of Social Sciences

Why the hell am I doing this? Why does this acne-scarred, socially anxious, scrappy first year think he can represent the students of uOttawa? I moved here eight months ago from Calgary; and in those eight months, I have met one of the most resilient group of people I have ever seen. University is hard at the best of times, and these are far from the best of times. Nevertheless, we have persisted, and as we emerge from this challenge, we have to choose how we will handle the others.

We can choose to do nothing. We can choose to accept the immense academic pressure we’ve been put under. We can choose to accept that our rights being denied to us in disciplinary cases is just ‘the way things are.’ We can choose to accept the half-measures and lip service that this school has done for racial equity. But that’s not how us students do things.

We have seen amazing work from student activists in recent years pushing to make uOttawa a better place, and with an ally in the Senate we will make our voices impossible to ignore. I am that ideal ally. I have a proven track record in advocating for the rights of students, and with my perspective as an outsider to ‘the way things are,’ no amount of pressure will get me to back down from fighting for what we deserve. #voteMAX on March 24th – let’s take our school back.

Zineb Jouali_Photo


Faculty of Social Sciences

Hi everyone! 

My name is Zineb Jouali. I am a bilingual third-year student studying at the University of Ottawa, in an Honours BA psychology program. I also work part-time at the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada department (IRCC), specializing in the Mental Health and Wellness division. On my free time, a few of my preferred hobbies are singing, playing soccer and travelling. I’ve always been fond of learning about other cultures, discovering new places and meeting new faces. In terms of my qualities, my surroundings usually say I’m very bubbly, open-minded, dedicated, considerate, and transparent. 

I am running to represent the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa Senate 2021-2022. The purpose of this campaign is to give students, as well as other executives, a voice to speak on academic issues on campus. 

Being a senator for the FSS would mean I would have the power to assemble all our voices and put forward decisions to better our student experience, and further students’ experiences. My objective is to use my education and leadership skills in order to develop new strategies to promote diversity and inclusion within the community. I aim to have an impact on the students’ academic experiences and to support change in various aspects. 

A few of my mandates will revolve around: 

  1. Promoting mental health and wellness
  2. Creating an educational platform for guidance towards academic choices
  3. Networking Centre for students 
  4. Increasing exterior and interior social events/activities 
  5. Mentoring Centre for career opportunities after graduation 

If you’d like to connect with me and follow me on my journey, stay updated on my social media links. 

Bryanna Lavictoire_Photo


Faculty of Social Sciences

Hey everyone! My name is Bryanna Lavictoire, and I’m a second year student in International Studies and Modern Languages in French Immersion (specializing in Spanish). I’m excited to be running for a seat to represent the Social Science students in Senate! For those that need a little more insight, Student Senate is responsible for academic matters, be that resolving an issue, changing a policy, etc..

The candidate you vote for to be in this position should serve as a critical thinker willing to speak up and address any concerns, and make sure the quality of your education is worth what you’re paying for. It is important for students to know we hear your concerns, and we want to do something about it.

Outside of my studies, I run a side business combining braiding hair with activism! Being a passionate activist and feminist, I use my social media platforms to educate individuals on various topics that help to counter racism, homophobia, islamophobia, xenophobia, and more. During this election, the one thing I would like to stress the most is just to vote. I want every student to have a say of who they would like to be in charge of making the decisions that directly affect your education, and participating in the elections is the best way to do so!

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat about my campaign, discuss social issues, or for whatever other reason, I’m here.

University Board of Governors

One (1) seat to fill (application to all faculties)

Sana Alamansour_Photo


University Board of Governors

Hello UOttawa! My name is Sana Almansour and I am a third-year student in Health Sciences where I specialize in healthcare innovation and technology. I am also part of the Telfer School of Management with a minor in management. As students of UOttawa we all understand the importance of administrative tasks such as university finances, representation, and increasing important resources that have a direct impact on our continuous learning.

The Board of Governors specializes in financial and administrative tasks across the broad spectrum of university associations and departments. As an undergraduate body, we all would like our voice to be heard and our opinions considered. As a part of the Board of Governors I intend to represent these opinions and voices in a constructive way to make concrete changes for a more accessible and finer university experience for us all. I would be honoured to receive your vote for the Board of Governors this year!

Hannan Mohamud_Photo


University Board of Governors

Hannan Mohamud (she/her) is a policy and communications professional with a successful track-record in citizen engagement and mobilization. Hannan creates multifaceted solutions to address policy and social issues through meaningful collaboration with citizens, decision-makers, and political institutions. Hannan is a first-year student in the English Common Law program at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and the Vice-President of advocacy at the Black Law Students Association. She is also a recipient of 2021 30 Under 30 Award by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation. Hannan is running to be your next Board of Governors representative because she believes that UOttawa students “deserve better.”

  • We deserve better academic & mental health supports
    • Race & gender-based equitable mental health supports
    • Funding for student clubs via scholarships for emotional labor the university has been benefiting from
    • Fast tracking the 12 recommendations from the advisory committee for mental health & wellness
    • Specifically a campaign surrounding the Okanagan Charter
  • We deserve safe and equitable learning environments
    • The creation of a student rights charter
    • Exploring student collaborative mobilization during collective agreements
  • We deserve post COVID-19 financial relief supports
    • With UOttawa student services relying on revenue for services, a post-COVID campus will need financial relief
  • And finally, we deserve a representative willing not to shy away from holding University administration accountable.

Hannan has already been instrumental in shaping policy as a student at Ottawa, but if elected your Board of Governor’s representative, she can continue to advocate in more spaces previously closed off.

Keziah Oduro_Photo

Keziah ODURO

University Board of Governors​

Keziah Oduro (she/her) is an engaging activist passionate about building and creating safe spaces for diverse bodies to discuss and further combat discrimination within the University ofOttawa campus. Keziah is striving to unite key players from University of Ottawa’s governance to students all across the world during this pandemic. Keziah is a second-year BiomedicalScience student interested in STEM innovation. Keziah is engaged in Ottawa Centre’s MunicipalYouth Council and in 2019 she was named Junior Citizen of the Year in Burlington, Ontario.

Keziah is ready to represent you on the Board of Governors and this is her platform:

  • Creating a more intersectional approach to assist vulnerable students with mental illness/health and SASS services
  • Developing a framework to transition University Of Ottawa into a ecologically sound campus by reducing carbon emissions and creating more green spaces
  • Building supports for students transitioning back into in person classes amid theCOVID-19 Pandemic
  • Calling for the immediate review of race and gender based unconscious bias for every member serving on the University of Ottawa’s Board Of Governors and Senate

Keziah Oduro believes she is equipped with the previous experience to vote on behalf of the undergraduate population. She is ready to develop under this role and serve your needs. For more information about her candidacy check out her Instagram and other social media.

Liam Roche_Photo (1)


University Board of Governors

Hey uOttawa! My name is Liam Roche, I’m a third-year Chemical Engineering and Computing Technology student and I’m running to represent your voice on the uOttawa Board of Governors (BoG)!

Since First Year, I’ve been involved in different clubs and student associations on campus. I’ve seen first-hand how 101 week can be an incredibly memorable experience for students and guides. Representing students in various roles, executives and boards is something I’ve had the privilege of doing over the last 3 years, and with your vote, I would love the opportunity to represent you on this board.

The Board of Governors makes the university’s financial decisions, and they implement changes that improve our campus to make it more efficient. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe we have a unique opportunity to reset the institutional habits we’ve been following for the last decade.

We need to work towards making our campus greener, more accessible and more diverse, whether this be virtually or eventually in-person. If elected, I will leverage my strong relationships with elected officials from our municipal, provincial and federal government to improve your experience at uOttawa by listening to your realities and sharing them with the board to make a real change. I’ve got a lot more to share with you, go check out my platform on Instagram or Facebook page, and feel free to send me a message if you want to join my team!

On March 24-27, let’s Build Back Together, vote Liam Roche for Board of Governors!

Adam Walji_Photo


University Board of Governors

Hi uOttawa! My name is Adam Walji and I am running to be your Student Representative on the University’s Board of Governors. I am currently studying Law and Business and am looking forward to getting to know you!

Why me? Among other things, I…

  • Can build upon existing relationships with the administration and governing bodies from my time as Senator on the University’s Senate
  • Have worked closely with students to address their mental, physical, and emotional health challenges in my role as Kamadiasaheb of the University of Ottawa Jamatkhana

My plan


  • A real plan targeting a $2000-$3000 tuition reduction per student
  • A sponsorship program that would allow the Board to recognize the feasibility of a tuition reduction

United Student Leadership Front

  • Establish a Student Leadership Committee, consisting of the Student Governors, Student Senators, members of the executives of the UOSU and student associations
  • Work together to act in a united manner on the most important issues facing our student community
  • Increase transparency and collaboration through direct interaction with students


  • Make a motion for mandatory racism and sensitivity training for all employees
  • Being aware of the history and addressing the various factors of racism today shouldn’t be optional, it should be a necessity

Mental Health

  • Increase limit of counsellor appointments
  • Work to establish Student Support Groups
  • Increase awareness of resources available to students

Be sure to vote Adam Walji for Board of Governors. It’s time to bring the focus back on students!