Elections Candidates

Elections Candidates
2022 General Elections Candidates

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Board of Directors Positions

Faculty of Education

(x1 Position Available)

Vacant Position

Faculty of Law - Civil Law

(x1 Position Available)

Fabiola Galvan Pic

Fabiola Galvao

Faculty of Law - Civil Law Section

Hello, my name is Fabiola Galvao (She/Her), I am a 20-year-old first year Civil Law student. By the present, I set one’s heart on becoming Fauteux’s next representative of the Board of Directors. Within the Faculty, I am currently the First Year VP of The Canadian Student Association for Children’s right and hold the same title within The Criminal Law Association and The Association for the LGBTQ+ People’s Rights. People perceive me as someone who is loyal, generous and who refuses to stay quiet when confronted to situations of injustice.

I have three overarching and interrelated goals/values that guide my decisions:

Firstly, the representation of minorities. I want to be the voice for those who, because of their sexual orientation, their skin color, their gender identity, their religion, etc. experience or have experienced systematic injustice.

Secondly, mental health. I aspire to help improving mental health within all students pursuing higher education.

Thirdly, the bimodal teaching mode. To help international students, those in a situation of precariousness or poverty, those suffering from a physical illness, students who are parents, etc. Remote learning allows greater flexibility and considerable advantages whilst still not penalizing students who prefer to attend their courses on campus.

That being said, my priority remains the students. I want to know what works and what doesn’t within our university. I want you to tell me what programs you would like to see, and I desire to ensure that everyone is satisfied and proud to have graduated from uOttawa.

Faculty of Law - Common Law

(x1 Position Available)

Vacant Position

Faculty Medicine

(x1 Position Available)

Vacant Position

Faculty of Arts

(x2 Position Available)

Nicolas Michaud Pic

Nicolas Michaud

Faculty of Arts

Hello everyone! My name is Nicolas Michaud (he/him), I am a second-year student in political science and history. I will be your candidate for the Arts Representative position on the Student Union Board of Directors!  

As a candidate for this position, I plan to use it to its full potential if I win in order to improve the quality of life for students in the Faculty of Arts and beyond.  

Among the changes I would like to make, I plan to give a greater voice to the student associations within the faculty at the union meetings to better serve the interests of students in each department.  

I would like to emphasize the issue of transparency and representativeness of the union. I am committed to working with the other representatives and executive members to ensure that we continue, as the face of the union, to be transparent and representative in our decisions and to always be able to justify them according to the interests of the students of the university. 

To conclude, I would like to take the liberty, as a francophone student and activist, to make a point about the state of French at the university. The university itself recognized in its report published in August 2021 that the French language is facing a worrying situation at the University of Ottawa. If elected, I will use my position to work with the Commissioner of Francophone Affairs and other concerned parties to mobilize the support to uphold bilingualism at the university. 

Faculty of Engineering

(x3 Position Available)

Emma Ballantyne_Photo

Emma Ballantyne

Faculty of Engineering

Akachukwu Ekueme Pic

AJ Ekwueme

Faculty of Engineering

Hey everyone, my name is AJ, I’m a Nigerian – Canadian studying BMG here at uOttawa. As a third-year student at uOttawa, I’ve served as the president of Mechanical Engineering Student Society (MESS) and helped plan out fun events for the Mech/Biomech Eng students here at uOttawa, along with helping kick start their professional careers. I would want to contribute my efforts and help represent the engineers in UOSU knowing the work they do for students here, and how big of a platform it is. I admire the commitment that they have to better experiences and create events that can help give social and exciting opportunities in our learning and comfort. I spent a lot of my teen years doing leadership work within and outside of school that I believe has prepared me for a position such as this where I can help engage and create appealing opportunities for engineering students at uOttawa. Outside of MESS, my recent involvement around campus includes a position in uO Mars Rover. My goals with this position, are to help continue building up the engineering community here at uOttawa- representing the ENG students at uOttawa requires inclusivity, diversity, and awareness of what happens within our faculty and building up the future Mechanical and Biomedical Mechanical engineering students here at the University of Ottawa. I look forward to contributing to a wonderful year starting this fall! 


Miten Jitendra Soni

Faculty of Engineering

Bowen Xue Pic

Bowen Xue

Faculty of Engineering

Hello everyone, my name is Bowen. I am running to represent the faculty of engineering on the UOSU Board of Directors. I am committed to advocating for improving the mental health resources, lowering/freeze tuition fee, and reducing the pressure of grade. As your representative, I will make sure to address all of your concerns and suggestion to the UOSU and the university.

Faculty of Health Sciences

(x2 Position Available)

Aminah Bhaktair Pic

Aminah Bakhtair

Faculty of Health Sciences

My name is Aminah Bakhtair and I am running to be on the Board of Directors for the Faculty of Health Sciences. I’m currently a third year Hons. BS.c. Human Kinetics student at uOttawa. For me, serving others is something that I’m passionate about. As a student in Health Science, I can relate to the student body and understand their challenges and concerns within the faculty. During my time at the university, I have been involved in the uOSBC and the uOMSA. I also have held leadership positions in my own community being very involved in local charities, and working with marginalized youth. I am a passionate young woman who can understand the creative needs of people of color, marginalized women and relate to their understanding of social economics. In my free time, I like to engage in physical activity, socialize with friends and catch up on my religious community circle activities. Voting for me would mean diversifying our uOttawa outlook. Voting for me would mean promoting multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion and safe space, everything a uOttawa Gee-Gee should look out for! 

Elisha Chadha Pic

Elisha Chadha

Faculty of Health Sciences

Hey Health Sciences! My name is Elisha Chadha, and I am a second-year student running for election to the UOSU Board of Directors as a representative for Health Sciences. 

I am running for this position because I am passionate about equal representation for every student and working with the UOSU to help optimize the university experience for students in our faculty and beyond. Over the past two years, I have gotten the opportunity to get involved in many organizations. These included executive positions for charities such as MusicBox and MEDLIFE. Additionally, I had started a student-run initiative in May of 2021 in response to the COVID-19 crisis in India. These experiences have helped me connect with the uOttawa community, despite the challenges brought forward by this pandemic. 

Most importantly, I believe that every person deserves the right to be heard. It is crucial to foster a safe place for everyone in our community, no matter gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc. If elected, I promise to be a strong student advocate that continues to address issues on behalf of each individual and our faculty as a whole. 

A vote for Elisha is a vote for someone passionate about student issues, equitability, and promoting what is best for Health Sciences. I hold transparency, responsibility, and dependency in great regard; these are the pillars my campaign is running on. If you have any questions or concerns,  please do not hesitate to contact me! My email is echad006@uottawa.ca 

Nour Elmestekawy Pic

Nour Elmestekawy

Faculty of Health Sciences

Nour is a pre-medical student majoring in Health Sciences and Social Sciences. She’s a two-time recipient of the Ontario Principal’s Award for Student Leadership as well as the recipient of 9 other awards relating to leadership, character, community service, academic excellence and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Passionate about social medicine, health justice and eliminating systemic inequities, Nour is an active advocate for various human rights issues with a focus on intersectionality and using this lens to examine the compounding effects of oppression and privilege in society. As someone who strives to constantly learn, unlearn, and relearn, she dedicates a large portion of her time to educating herself on anti-oppressive initiatives and how to rid of systemic discrimination from an internalized, interpersonal, institutional and structural level.  Since her middle school years, she’s been heavily involved in her school communities where she was elected as student council Co-President (and multiple grade representative positions) in both her middle school and high school. Now, she continues to be involved through executive-level positions in multiple student clubs on campus. To that end, Nour has been closely following the UOSU and is well informed on its past initiatives as well as current stances. She’s confident that she can fulfil this position with the quality and dedication required. Nour’s colleagues have described her as being “extremely kind”, “compassionate”, “punctual”,  “dedicated”, “organized”, “reliable”, and “professional”. They’ve also described her as demonstrating “an unmatched work ethic”, “great energy”, “exemplary handling of conflicts”, and “incredible leadership skills”.

Kate Gilliland Pic

Kate Gilliland

Faculty of Health Sciences

Hello! My name is Kate Gilliland, and I am a first-year Health Science student. I’m from midtown Toronto, and a fun fact about me is that I am a triplet! I’m running to be a Director on the Student Union representing the Health Science faculty.   This would require me to attend monthly meetings with the board, as well as vote on motions, oversee finances and amend parts of the Constitution as required.  Should I be elected, I would advocate for the student body on relevant issues such as grading systems and communications with the school. I care about issues the students and staff want to have tabled, and I’m not shy to raise my hand and express another point of view. I recognize that we all come from different situations, and I will always advocate for options and inclusivity so that all students and staff can participate in school life. I love to have fun and want to organize more events that bring joy and laughter! Student vs. staff dodgeball games, in-person tinder events, and school-wide manhunt are just a few of my ideas. The Health Science faculty is intimate yet diverse – I want to utilize these traits for the best and bring our faculty together.  Human Kinetics, Health Science, Nutrition, Nursing, and Rehabilitation are not easy programs, and giving students more opportunities to meet their peers will help us navigate challenging semesters.  Questions? Please reach out to me on Instagram!!  

Lorraine Pereira Pic

Lorraine Pereira

Faculty of Health Sciences

Hi, my name’s Lorraine and I’d love the opportunity to represent Health Science students on the Board of Governors! I’m a passionate individual who strives to produce the best results, all while being inclusive and attentive. I have various interests including sports, social media, climate action, and mental health advocacy. I am so grateful to apart of the UO community, especially amongst like-minded students pursuing my same degree. My dream is to become a doctor in the future or pursue a career in public health! My biggest priority as a representative would be providing stronger connections for Health Science students in any way possible, to help them reach their career goals. During these especially trying times, networking has proven to be difficult when fully remote, and that needs to change! I strongly believe that bimodal interactions are the new normal, and we should adapt to this for the benefit of all! I equally believe in making sure ALL students, no matter their faculty feel as though they have someone to reach out to, and ample resources when experiencing mental health difficulties. University can be hard, especially for those of us who are completely online and feel isolated. I believe that I can be an effective voice for Health Science students, and I hope you do too!

Faculty of Sciences

(x3 Position Available)

Buse Loclar Pic

Buse Gül Loçlar

Faculty of Sciences

I’m Buse Loçlar (she/her) and I’m a second-year biomedical sciences student, studying in French. 

This past year I had the honour to be one of your Directors and serve on the UOSU’s Board of Directors. I’m truly excited to be running again to continue my work on the Board and represent all of you. I will bring with me even more ideas and experience. As a francophone international student with a multicultural background and part of the LGBTQ+ community, I believe in my ability to represent all Sciences students and my passion to make our learning space more equitable and accessible to all.  

I plan to continue my work on the Equity Committee and listen to students from various minority groups, as well improve the mental health resources. Along with my work on the Francophone Affairs Committee, to keep resolving issues regarding Francophone studies and life all around campus, and my work on the Executive Oversight Committee to ensure that the operation runs smoothly and we have an even better student body. 

As your representative, I hope to continue to be someone you can always count on no matter the problem. I want to keep hearing your voices to give all of us a more inclusive, and understanding university and a better experience overall.  

We have come a long way but we still have so much more to go, and I want to continue being the voice of our Faculty on this path. 

Iman Kashif Pic

Iman Kashif

Faculty of Sciences

If voted, I can represent what YOU want. Here are some reasons why I’m fit for the position: 

2021 MP Youth Leadership Award winner, I can effectively use my leadership skills to speak on your behalf 

Science Volunteering Experience, STEM To Go, STEM Weekly (past), Beyond OMS, CSFJ, active research (present). 

Most importantly, I have a passion to create meaningful impacts to the best of my ability. 


Roshana Patikedward

Faculty of Sciences

Hello faculty of science students! My name is Roshana and I am currently a second year student in BioMed. I have been a member of the CVUO external team for almost a year now and have witnessed first-hand very evitable problems clubs face when applying for club funding and storage, as well as other problems arising from the lack of resources allocated to clubs. Within my role as a faculty of science director for UOSU, I plan to advocate for a better club funding system as well as more funds allocated to club funding coming from the UOSU budget. 

I believe that clubs are the heart of student life on campus. They allow us to improve morale, learn new skills while sharpening old ones, and prepare us for employment opportunities in the future. Many science-related clubs are currently not as supported as they could be, with more funding going towards supporting their activities, clubs would be able to grow even more and provide more opportunities to students! This means more networking opportunities, more ways to learn about possible careers within science through panels as well as opportunities to compete in a variety of case-like competitions to further distinguish yourselves from other applicants coming from other universities for future opportunities for you! 

Within my role, I plan to collaborate with students, UOSU executives and services, as well as clubs to bring more diversity and inclusion to the faculty. I also plan to encourage and support student led groups in their ideas and create an environment with more opportunities within the faculty of science. With the upcoming transition back to campus after a two-year hiatus, there is a lot of work to be done to bring back campus life and make sure it is improved from what it was pre-pandemic. I plan to work with students at every step of the way, and am excited to hear your ideas! 

Dylan Vincent Pic

Dylan Vincent

Faculty of Sciences

Hey everyone, I am Dylan Vincent! I am known by people under many titles, such as “a classmate,” “someone who is a bit weird” and “future failed amateur comedian”. Hopefully, next I will be known as a Board Director for the UOSU representing the Faculty of Science. I have had a bit of a fall from grace, and I am now beginning my studies again in a Bachelor of General Science. As an ADHD haver, I have gone through some demanding situations. If I had access to or even known about programs to develop habits to cope with ADHD, I could have avoided much strife. As a Board Director, my goal is to ensure that no student falls behind just because they have a learning disability; all students deserve an equal opportunity to be their best. Within this role, I plan to ensure that UOSU increases student access to services made to support students with learning difficulties. I promise to do my absolute best, not only for the students in Faculty of Science but also all uOttawa students who struggle with ADHD and other learning disabilities. 

Faculty of Social Sciences

(x5 Position Available)

Ty Bradley Pic

Ty Bradley

Faculty of Social Sciences

Ty Bradley is a second-year political science student at uOttawa. Ty’s passion for the climate crisis led him to become interested and involved in politics at all levels of government. Ty came to Ottawa to work as a page in the House of Commons, and now works part-time as the Legislative Assistant to Ottawa-Vanier MPP Lucille Collard, where he drafts legislation and prepares speaking points to be read at Queen’s Park. This work has furthered Ty’s comprehensive policy knowledge on issues such as housing, the climate crisis, Francophonie, and gendered violence.  

Ty is now running for the UOSU Board of Directors (FSS), where he hopes to ensure a vocal, effective, and transparent student union. He believes in the power that students can wield when they act as a collective and believes that the union is a force for positive change in the university. Ty wants to act on student concerns over the lack of financial statement transparency and opportunities for participatory decision-making.  

Ty hopes to bring his good judgement, commitment to justice, and policy-analysis skills to the UOSU Board of Directors. He pledges to be accountable and responsive to the needs of students as a director and hold the university accountable for their failed response to the mental health crisis and systemic racism on campus. Ty believes that the union is the best tool for empowering students and aims to ensure ethical practices in this work.

Max Christie_Photo

Max Christie

Faculty of Social Sciences

Student Politics is Broken; Here’s How we Fix it: 

Last year, 7.6% of students voted in the uOttawa elections. Think about that number for a second. Our university impacts our lives every day, but if you walk around campus you’re twice as likely to find someone who’s left-handed as someone who voted for how this school should be run. 

Are we just not passionate enough? Do we just not care? That’s the answer that the small clique of student politicians who benefit from this system wants us to believe, but this crisis isn’t our fault – its the fault of institutions and rules that excludes all but the most committed from meaningful participation. UOSU does amazing work and the services it provides helps all of us every day; but when 92.4% of students don’t participate, the union becomes unaccountable, and uOttawa knows very well what happens when a student union becomes unaccountable. 

That’s why I’m asking for your vote – because I will fight to make UOSU work for all of us. From helping found and run uOttawa’s mock trial club to singlehandedly founding my high school’s student council, I have a proven track record in advocating for student rights and getting things done both inside and out of uOttawa. When you #voteMAX on March 9th-11th, you vote to keep your student union efficient, well-run, and accountable. 

Greg Coleman Pic

Gregory Jared Coleman

Faculty of Social Sciences

Greg Coleman is an international student from the United States studying economics through the French immersion program at the University of Ottawa. Currently, he’s a member of the UONDP club, where he serves as the First-Year Representative. Greg’s campaign has a focus on improving student accommodations, supporting social and climate justice, and protecting bilingualism on campus. When not at work, you can find Greg building a new Spotify playlist (oftentimes with some great finds shared by UOttawa Talk Music), enjoying some of Ottawa’s lovely museums and parks, or taking in all the city has to offer with friends!

Sherouk Elasfar Pic

Sherouk Elasfar

Faculty of Social Sciences

Hello, I’m Sherouk Elasfar, and I’m running to be one of five directors for the Faculty of Social Science. I am currently a third-year student at the University of Ottawa, pursuing a Bachelor’s in International Economics and Development and a Minor in Political Science. A little bit about myself, I’m a big coffee enthusiast and love visiting local cafes. I also enjoy taking pictures and have a passion for photography and cameras. For the past year, I have run my own portrait photography business, SheringPhotos. I’m lucky to have been a part of the University of Ottawa Student Union last year and I’ve gotten a chance to be involved in a few areas. In my current term, some of the main things I worked on were drafting a position statement for the Union, helping with the launch of Pivik, and voting on a few changes to the UOSU constitution to better serve the students.  

Outside of my UOSU mandate, I am involved with the uOttawa recruitment office as Student photographer. I’m also a member of the Let’s Talk Palestine podcast team, as a producer.  

Next year, I wish to focus on accountability, advocacy, and representation. With loads of experience and a passion for change, I believe I’m the right choice for the Board of Directors here in the Social Science Faculty. 

Bushra Kadhra Pic

Bushra Khadra

Faculty of Social Sciences

Hello! My name is Bushra Khadra, and I am a third-year International Development and Globalizations student in French Immersion. Before coming to uOttawa, I served as the Student Trustee for the Upper Canada District School Board, where I advocated on behalf of 27,000 students across 81 schools in my region. During my time at uOttawa, I have served as the VP Social for the Development Students Association and Director of Outreach for Telfer WMN. In my spare time, I enjoy working out and reading. 

I am running for the UOSU Board of Directors because their purpose aligns with my desires: overseeing the Executive Committee, tasking the Executive Committee with action items, and providing representation to all students. Due to my current and previous experience, I believe I am an excellent candidate. Check out my vote_zbushra on Instagram if you want to learn more about my platform. 

Marek McLeod Pic

Marek McLeod

Faculty of Social Sciences

My name is Marek McLeod and I’m running to be on the Board of Directors for the Student Union (FSS). 

I’m a former Indigenous Student Trustee for the Algoma District School Board. I have also served as an Advisor and Vice-Chair for my city’s Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, and have been a tireless advocate for students in my community over the past 5 years.  

I understand that for real change to be achieved, you must use your time wisely and focus on a few big projects rather than a million tiny ones. That’s why my five priorities are to: 

  1. Fight for a safe transition into in-class learning
  2. Ensure mental health resources are more accessible and utilized
  3. Advocate for further reconciliation for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students
  4. Form advisory roles for groups of interest on campus to bring real voices to the union
  5. Speak truth to power and advocate for achievable goals 

I know with your support we can achieve so much together, and help bring a stronger voice for Students. If you have any questions or want to learn how to get involved please reach out @marekmcleod1 for Instagram or at @marekmcleod on all other social medias! Thank you, and have a great day! 

Darryl Lindsay

Darryl Orleans-Lindsay

Faculty of Social Sciences

Darryl Orleans-Lindsay is a servant leader who is focused on reforming for the sake of results. He has a track record of taking the institutions he has served in and leading its operations successfully. Darryl has served as a school prefect and taken the lead on events such as first day of school tours and schedule distribution, morning announcements and student outreach events. He has also served on his school’s racial equality committee and has worked to combat systemic racism in the public education system. He has worked on creating a more representative curriculum and codifying anti-racist guidelines at the school board level. Darryl’s platform as a member of the Student Union Board of Directors is simple; he will work to make Student Union a co-equal in the governance of the University of Ottawa. Your student representatives ought to defend the use of your student tuition. There is no challenge Darryl has avoided and he is excited to serve his fellow students a member of the Student Union Board of Directors. 

Carlos Oubda Pic

Carlos Pawendtaore Oubda

Faculty of Social Sciences

Dear students, I am Carlos Oubda, 2nd year student in international economics and development. 

I wish to work for the common interest of the faculty while promoting the interests of everyone. I have the honor to submit my candidacy for the position of the representative of the Faculty of Social Sciences. 

I have a very strong desire to serve the students of the University of Ottawa as I have done before in my academic career by being the head of my class on many occasions. 

 This desire is beyond words, I want to give my all for you, and I strongly believe every student deserves to be served. 

 I ask you to place your trust in me and I will put all my care and my energy into being worthy of this trust. 

As your representative, I will defend you, your interests, and your image. 

I will act with determination and with respect for everyone. 

Emma Pellegrini Pic

Emma Pellegrini

Faculty of Social Sciences

Hey y’all! My name is Emma, and I am in my 3rd year in the B.A psychology program and here are three fun facts about me! 

  1. I was a competitive swimmer for 8 years in my hometown of Quebec City. During my time with the club, I helped to organize various volunteering activities with charities and local organizations. I have always been interested in helping those around me!
  2. I worked at a bakery for a couple of years, and it has taught me many important lessons. Firstly, I can admire the challenges that come with working in customer service because there are many, I would know. This experience helped understand how important it is to manage people in a way where everyone is happy. My goal is not to get a bigger slice of the pie, but to make the pie bigger for everyone.
  3. I am currently holding the position of Director of Bilingualism for the second consecutive year for the Psychology Student Association. This opportunity has helped me understand what skills are needed for a position in a student body. I believe this experience will be very useful for this possible position.

I hope this quick bio has helped you learn a little bit about me, if you want to learn more, check my Instagram page at @emma_4_bod! 

Thanks for reading ! 

Juanita Rodriguez Pic

Juanita Calderon Rodriguez

Faculty of Social Sciences

I am currently a third year French immersion student in psychology and social sciences of health. I have great interest in cognitive and rehabilitative sciences and someday wish to pursue a doctorate in psychology. I am also a first generation immigrant and a proud Latin American woman. I would describe myself as an energetic and creative person with strong communication skills. I’m passionate about advocating for women’s and students rights and would love to take an active role in helping the student community at the university of Ottawa. 

Wajid Zaman Pic

Wajid Zaman

Faculty of Social Sciences

My name is Wajid and I’m currently pursuing joint honours in economics and political science. My vision is one of impact and to do what is best for the people I am working with. This is evident in my previous work as a Student Senator with the OCDSB, an equity, inclusion, and diversity officer with the NAC, a team lead during federal election campaigns, a member of our university’s Muslim Student Association etc. In addition to my community involvement, my hobbies include reading, playing music, working out, spending time with friends and family, travelling, and occasionally binging a tv show or movie. 

What does this mean for you? It means that you can always expect the best of me since I will stop at nothing to make sure that your university experience is the best one. As a member of the Board of Directors, I’ll fight hard for you by holding the UOSU and the university accountable so that we create fair policies and a safe, thriving environment for students to enjoy and gain from. Moreover, I wish to personally connect with you instead of being at a distance. Forming these key relationships with you will undoubtedly help me to see what you really feel and want. It does not even need to be school-related, feel free to reach out to me about anything on your mind or even if you just want someone to talk to. I look forward to meeting you all! 

Telfer School of Management

(x3 Position Available)

Nora Al-Akwaa Pic

Nora Al-Akwaa

Telfer School of Management


Shivangi Bharti

Telfer School of Management

Aloha! My name is Shivangi Bharti, I am a third-year Marketing student at Telfer School of Management. I am seeking to run as a Board of Directors representing Telfer for the 2022-2023 term. I am currently the Vice President of External Affairs at Telfer Marketing Association, the Director of Content Creation at Telfer Finance Society, and a Telfer Career Centre Ambassador, all of which I believe will help me deliver as your director, representing you, the Telfer students, and ensuring your voice is heard. A fun fact about me is that I’m left handed and also love to travel! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to run this year! 

If you have any questions or any recommendations for changes you would like to see at Telfer School of Management, please don’t hesitate to email me at sbhar041@uottawa.ca, or send me a message on LinkedIn at Shivangi Bharti ( www.linkedin.com/in/shivangibharti ). I appreciate all of your support!

Armande Mayelly Obrou Pic

Armande Mayelly OBROU

Telfer School of Management

My name is Armande Obrou and I am a COOP student in accounting.  Leader and envole in my community, I currently have position of responsibility with Nyantende Fondation and Telfer Accounting Club. Today I am presenting myself to represent you on the board of directors  of the UOSU.  

Like you, I have faced the challenges of online courses and I know how difficult it is to get integrated into a virtual world. I also know the pressure it represents to go back to in-person classes. As an international student, I know that for some of us, in addition to all these challenges come the challenges of integration and languages.  

It’s important for me to get involved and make our voices heard, I want to represent us in this world where we ought distinguish ourselves.  

Telfer’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, therefore, we should be represented with dignity for that our voices are raised to the height of our potential.  

Telfer counts on you from march 9th to 11th, Vote Armande Obrou ! 

Monia Mugabekazi Pic

Monia Mugabekazi

Telfer School of Management

Hello everyone! My name is Monia Mugabekazi, I am originally from Rwanda and I am in my second year of International Management at Telfer. I love music and cinema. I wish to get more involved in student affairs so that I can be a tool for change in the student community.  

I started my academic journey online, so I understand how confusing and difficult it can be to find the necessary resources virtually. That is why I will strive to improve and make all services more accessible to students. I will work hard to advocate for everyone’s rights and be a person who can adequately represent your concerns and input to the board.

Instagram : monia_mugabekazi 

Facebook : Monia Mugabekazi 

Vanda Lecchino Pic

Telfer School of Management

Vanda Rosa Lecchino

Hi, I’m Vanda Lecchino! I’m a first year International Management student in French Immersion. A few things about me: I love everything sports related especially skiing, badminton and running. I’m from Montreal and speak four languages: English, German, French and Italian. Wordle and Nerdle are an essential part of my day!

I’m running to be a part of the Telfer Board of Directors since I’m deeply passionate about advocating and speaking for the students of uOttawa. Using my skillset and experience from being in various leadership roles, I’m eager to bring forward your concerns and ensure that your voice is heard.

Marissa St Amand

Telfer School of Management

Marissa St-Amand

Hi! My name is Marissa St-Amand and I am a 3rd year Telfer student. I am hoping to represent the Telfer School of Management on the Board of Directors.  

Throughout the past 3 years, I have been highly involved in the Telfer community. My club participation and external experiences have given me excellent communication, collaboration, and analytical skills. I am passionate about improving the student experience. I hope to do so through this opportunity! 

Faculty of Law - Common Law Section

(x1 Position Available)

Executive Committee Positions



Armaan Singh


Hi my name is Armaan Singh (he/him), and I am entering my fourth year studying Political Science, minor in History. My career in politics at the university began with my membership in the Public Administration Committee of IPPSSA, the following year I was elected as VP of Equity and Activism of IPPSSA, and this year I have been the Advocacy Commissioner of our union.  

I have consistently championed the student interest and progressive politics within the union, towards the university, and towards various levels of government and external organizations. This year I have pushed for change inciting changes to the positions of our union on decolonization, climate justice, gender equity, religious and spiritual freedom, and have created positions on public transportation and housing, healthcare, and even democratic reform. Some of the tangible wins that I have directly contributed to during my mandate have been stopping rises to tuition, protecting student interests in the establishment of an ad hoc committee for the code of conduct, and having the university commit to divestment from the fossil fuel industry. I have participated in lobbying efforts and campaigns against the Ford government austerity measures, and have called for better measures relating to student financial aid, student employment, accessibility, racial equity, and sector sustainability to various levels of government. I will continue to champion student interests and progressive change in my effort to lead the union to strengthen student needs and wants. I commit that I will keep fighting for you.


Vacant Position

Equity Commissioner

Sana Alamansour_Photo

Sana Almansour

Equity Commissioner

Hello UOttawa! My name is Sana Almansour, and I am a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Telfer School of Management. As students of UOttawa we all understand the importance of combatting racism and discrimination in our institution, advocating for women’s rights, and the increasing both health and mental health resources on campus.  

As the Equity Commissioner in the year 2021-2022 I have helped launch the pilot of the period project which provides free menstrual products on campus, I have initiated the compassionate grading program for a more equitable and reflective approach of grades to student experiences, and I have participated in discussions of the creation of the new health clinic on campus.  

As a candidate for the 2022-2023 year, I would like to continue these efforts and: 

Complete the compassionate grading policies (5.6/5.7) and get them passed by senate  

Continue and create a full re-evaluation of sexual assault policies and procedures on campus  

Increase the Period Project to reach every bathroom on campus and help the fight against period poverty  

Continue advocating on student’s behalf on the antiracism committee and realize the recommendations 

Obtain a good faith mental health policy where students can be excused from class tasks without a doctor’s note  

As an undergraduate body, we all would like our voice to be heard and our opinions considered. As the equity commissioner I intend to continue this representation. I would be honoured to receive your vote for Equity Commissioner this year!  

Delivering Equity. 


Daphnée Veilleux-Michaud

Equity Commissioner

Francophone Affairs Commissioner


Anjolina Hamel

Francophone Affairs Commissioner

Hello! My name is Anjolina Hamel and I am a student in health sciences, with a minor in civil law. All throughout my studies, be it primary, secondary or university I have had the chance to learn and grow in French. So far, it has been 6 years that I’ve been actively implicating myself in the French Canadian community, participating in diverse activities with FESO, Le Réveil and various school boards. To have the chance to flourish in French to a postsecondary level, and not only see the language survive – but thriveis a real gift. My platform as a candidate for the francophone affairs commissioner position shines a light on the decolonization of the French language, the rich diversity of the language, accessibility of resources in French, and the fulfillment of various projects in collaboration with the University of Ottawa. 

Ratisbonne Kazadi Pic

Ratisbonne Mukadi Kazadi

Francophone Affairs Commissioner

Hello everyone! I am Ratisbonne Mukadi Kazadi, I am running this year to represent you on the executive committee of the student union as the Francophone Affairs Commissioner. I am currently a 2nd year student in Finance. I am originally from the D.R. Congo. 

Being Francophone myself, I know how difficult this identity can be difficult to express in a predominantly Anglophone university and city. 

Thus, during my mandate, I intend to set up a program called Francophone Pride. Francophone Pride will be a program led by the student union through the Francophone Affairs commissioner with the aim of promoting, preserving and enhancing the Francophone identity. 

At the heart of this project will be the creation of a French-speaking meeting space managed by students who are members of the French-speaking community and open 7 days a week; the intensification of Francophone oriented events on campus as well as online; the creation of a prize named the Francophone Pride Prize which will be awarded once each semester to a member of the university community for their commitment and contribution to the promotion, preservation and enhancement of the Francophone identity. 

If elected, I will ensure that the University of Ottawa is a space where any member of the Francophone community can feel integrated, respected, and valued.

Operations Commissioner

Ethan Coudenys Pic

Ethan Coudenys

Operation Commissioner

Hello everyone, my name is Ethan Coudenys (he/they) and I’m running to be the next Operations Commissioner. I’m a third year History and political science student and love learning about American History. I currently serve as Co-President and Vice-President of Finance for the History Students’ Association and as a member of the Board of Directors for UOSU. 

Outside of school, I’m a member of Scouts Canada and have been for 15 years. I’ve held many management positions there and absolutely love working with the organisation. I also play hockey, rugby and love Dungeons and Dragons. Find more information here: https://linktr.ee/EthanCUOSU 

Nouria Sawadogo_Photo


Operation Commissioner

My name is Nouria SAWADOGO, a fourth-year student in Economics and Political Science and currently the Operations Commissioner of SEUO. I am thrilled to be running for the same position again this year, with an even more innovative energy that is always focused on the interest and well-being of students. 

My current term in the union has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life as an international student. Through the many challenges I have encountered, the union has allowed me to further develop my determination and commitment to the development of my student community.  

Listening to students and making their opinions known is my primary objective. In fact, my term of office, has massively depicted these values that are very important to me. From my daily work assisting the SEUO finance and human resources departments, to my relentless pursuit of student-suggested projects on topics such as mental health, scholarships, financial literacy workshops, the reopening of the Pivik, etc. 

The goal of my campaign is for students to feel supported and listened to by their Student Association more than ever before, and for that to happen, we need a strong association. Thus, I invite you to subscribe to my Instagram page to closely follow my campaign which will carry the slogan “BUILD STRONG” to ensure the representation and satisfaction of the student community.

Vacant Position

Student Life Commissioner

Erin Atkinson Pic

Erin Atkinson

Student Life Commissioner

My name is Erin Atkinson and I am thrilled to be running for Student Life Commissioner on UOSU’s executive committee. I am finishing my degree in International Studies and Modern Languages, and am entering into a Bachelor of Translation. Throughout the pandemic, student life has suffered greatly. During this last year, I have acted as VP of Philanthropy for IPPSSA, and I have worked in collaboration with other student governments to run an engaging and successful Shinerama despite the obstacles the pandemic creates. The role of VP of Philanthropy has allowed me to participate in UOSU roundtables where I was in direct contact with our current Student Life Commissioner, working with them to make the student experience as enriching as possible. I am running to be your Student Life Commissioner because I feel that student life is one of the most vital parts of the university experience, and I am determined to bring students a great experience regardless of what the world gives us. 

Ricky Saikali Pic

Ricardo Saikali

Student Life Commissioner

I’m Ricky Saikali, a 5th year science student running for your next student life commissioner. I have to keep this short and sweet, but if you would like to read my whole platform, click here. You deserve the best year possible after such a crazy few. I want you to know that my experience and goals make me the perfect person for the job. I spent two years as Vice President of Philanthropic Affairs and one year as Vice President of Social Affairs in the Science Student Association honing my event planning and hosting skills. I have organized Shine Day, 101 Week, sexy bingo, trips, drag shows, and so much more in my 3 years. Since I know I can’t do everything on my own, a big part of my platform will be working and being more involved with our faculty-specific student governments and all the student clubs on campus. My goal is to collaborate with student clubs and co-host with student governments, in order to help them organize larger scale events by providing resources they might not have otherwise. Vote for me, Ricky Saikali, so I can make this your best year yet. 

Advocacy Commissioner

Chelsey Roussell

Chelsey-Lynn Rousselle

Advocacy Commissioner

Hey there! I ’m Chelsey-Lynn, my pronouns are t hey/them, and I am thrilled t o be running for Advocacy Commissioner f or t he 2022-2023 academic year. I ’m an Acadian from New-Brunswick going into my fifth year in Political Science with a minor in Francophone Studies, and I have been involved in student advocacy since my second year fighting for bilingualism. Over the last couple years, we have all seen the University administration disappoint us in varying ways, and if you’re like me you have grown tired of these disappointments. As President of I PPSSA this past year, I have had the privilege of advocating f or students in many different ways. I’ve been a loudmouth on UOSU’s Presidential Round Table and have helped with things like halting a tuition hike f or out of province students in May and giving input on issues like health services and support f or survivors. I’ve also been a loudmouth at the Faculty of Social Science level and worked on projects like Indigenizing academic programs, and discussing the pros and cons of online, hybrid and in person l earning. I want to use my years of student government experience and skills t o keep fighting against disappointments from the administration. If elected, I plan on working closely with Recognized Student Governments and reaching out and being transparent with students across all faculties. 

Vote for me so I can be a loudmouth for you and your needs! Find my socials and full platform over at: https://linktr.ee/ChelseyLynnRousselle

Vacant Position

Clubs and Services Commissioner

Zach Flahaut Pic

Zach Flahaut

Clubs and Services Commissioner

Hello everyone! My name is Zachary Flahaut, and I am a bilingual, dual nationality (Canadian and French) 4th year Biomedical Mechanical Engineering with Computer Technology student. I am currently the Clubs and Services Interim Commissioner. Prior to this I was, the Deputy Commissioner (Clubs and Services). I have been very engaged in student clubs and government, serving as Vice-President Social Affairs and President of the Mechanical Engineering Student Society (2019-2021), Founder and President of the uOttawa Design League where over 250 students from across the world participated in the uOttawa Designathon, and the VP External in charge of club funding from June-November 2021.

Vacant Position

University Senate

Faculty of Arts

(x1 Position Available)

Banafsheh Shamnadi Pic

Banafsheh Shamdani

Faculty of Arts

Hi! It’s Banafsheh! I’m in my second year in Joint Honours History and Political Science. Other than political science and history, I like moral reasoning, law, languages, and political geography. The reason why I became so interested in law and politics is at the age of ten was because I was always looking for a way to promote cooperation, negotiation, and justice between people. Student education and student mental health are two of the main issues that are very important to me. COVID-19 had a major impact on students’ mental health and their university experience. I have been working with different student organizations to organize social events that boost student motivation and energy, and with others to organize educational and networking events for students to compensate for some of the networking losses. I would like to bring students together to hear and talk about every single issue they face in regard toeducation and university life, to promote cooperation and firmness to tackling these issues. One of my main goals is to bring more students in touch with student governments and different perspectives by ways of promotion and gathering in townhalls. That is why I have decided to run for University Senate: to be able to represent my student community at the university level, to advocate for their mental health and for a better academic experience, for them to have their voices heard.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about anything at all, do you hesitate to reach out to me at @b_shamd on instagram or @Banafsheh Shamdani on facebook and twitter. I’m always down to chat.

Faculty of Education

(x1 Position Available)

Lexie Elbaum Pic

Lexie Elbaum

Faculty of Education

I began my career at the University of Guelph, where I completed a general Bachelor of Arts degree. In my last year there, I realized that teaching was my dream career. I took a year off in between Guelph and Ottawa to work for a long-term care home in the middle of the pandemic. I gained valuable life skills, and prepared myself for further education. I am now nearing the end of my first year in the bachelor of Education program here with the University of Ottawa, where I also work as a member of the residence life team.

Faculty of Engineering

(x1 Position Available)

Lauren McDermaid Pic

Lauren McDermaid

Faculty of Education

My name is Lauren McDermaid, and I am running for the Engineering Senate seat. I first became a University of Ottawa student in 2008. I have completed a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and I am currently entering the final year of my dual degree B.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering and B.Sc. in Computing Technology. I have had three very different undergraduate experiences at the University of Ottawa. During my first degree, I took part in the Science Students’ Association as a 101-week guide, Biochemistry Representative, and Vice-President of Social Affairs while working at CHEO as a clerk as well as in various jobs at uOttawa. During this time, I was completely unaware I had undiagnosed disabilities that were severely impacting my university education. During my three-year break, I lived and worked a variety of jobs in Calgary and Australia. 

In 2016, I returned to uOttawa as a special student, and in 2017, I began my civil engineering courses before starting my computing technology courses. The transition between these two programs and my diagnoses occurred during the pandemic. I have become very familiar with several academic regulations and the barriers and burdens they can impose on students. These burdens can affect students’ mental health and impede their education. There are existing policies I would like to amend and new ideas I’d like to introduce. I believe I have the background and understanding needed to hear my engineering peers’ experiences and will act on behalf of current and future students’ well-being and education.

Faculty of Health Science

(x1 Position Available)

Harneet Cheema Pic

Harneet Cheema

Faculty of Health Science

My name is Harneet Cheema, I’m in 3rd year, and I’m running to represent you on the University of Ottawa Senate. I strive to be the connection between your voice and administrative powers at uOttawa. I intend on addressing your concerns at a faculty-level to ensure the best university experience possible for you.

My objectives:

  1. Better Mental Health Support! Students should know they are never alone in their struggles
    • While uOttawa provides resources, there is a lot to be done
    • Currently, I am on the uOttawa Mental Health Wellness Advisory Committee and gaining unique insight into what students need, which I will act upon at a faculty-level if elected.
    • I am helping develop a mental health custom-course on BrightSpace, consisting of resources, information, and modules meant to educate, support, and destigmatize.
  2. More Financial Support!
    • As an executive on student council, I find that tuition costs are a recurring concern for students. i. I hope to address this concern by:
      • Rallying to decrease tuition for all
      • Providing more bursaries and scholarships for students by partnering with organizations with the mandate of promoting student success
  3. More Flexible Academic Regulations!
    • I want to ensure your transition from online to in-person learning is as smooth as possible, which includes advocating for the addition of the S/NS option
Lina Sanaallah Pic

Lina Sanaallah

Faculty of Health Science

Hi! My name is Lina Sanaallah, I am a 3rd-year Health Sciences student running for uOttawa senate. As a student senator representing the Faculty of Health Sciences, my objective would be to provide student input to the university to shed light on specific issues that need to be addressed. Some specific goals of mine include:  

Introducing a CO-OP option for Health Science majors 

Enforcing academic guidelines for professors more rigidly, including limits for online lectures in terms of post frequency and length such that they do not exceed regular class hours. Online has been more difficult than in-person given most professors have increased workload by posting longer lectures on a more frequent basis. Essentially, lectures that are delivered online should comply with in-person limitations. 

Improving and expanding mental health services especially by integrating specialized services on campus that orient counselling around specific issues in marginalized communities. This may entail hiring professional counselors that specialize in BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ trauma.  

Implementing compassionate grading as a regular policy for all full-time students, such as one S/NS per semester for any non-core class. Even before COVID, many well-established Ontario universities have implemented (and continue to implement) compassionate grading such as Credit/No Credit at the University of Toronto. 

If you have any questions or concerns you’d like addressed, please don’t hesitate to message me @linasanaallah.senate on Instagram. Thank you! 

Faculty of Law – Civil Law and Common Law

(x1 Position Available)

Michelle Liu_Photo

Michelle Charlotte Liu

Faculty of Law – Civil Law and Common Law

Michelle is seeking re-election as the Faculty of Law’s student representative on the Senate. During her 2021-2022 term on the Senate, Michelle notably worked with the University of Ottawa’s Human Rights Office to carry out consultation on the proposed Policy on Student Rights and Responsible Conduct. After numerous rounds of consultations, the Senate approved the Policy in its February 2022 meeting. Michelle has been nominated to the Senate Ad-Hoc Committee on Student Rights and Responsible Conduct to continue improving the Policy and hopes to have the opportunity to represent Law students on the Senate for another year. 

As a Queer and racialized woman, Michelle leads and move through spaces with an equity lens and the intention to learn, empower, and make change. She brings nearly 10 years of post-secondary student governance experience, including serving as the 2021-2022 President of the Common Law Student Society (AÉCLSS) and Co-President of the OUTLaw 2SLGBTQ+ Law Students Association. Michelle completed her Honours Bachelor and Master of Applied Science in civil engineering at the University of Waterloo where she held over two dozen student leadership roles, including as President of undergraduate and graduate student governments as well as a member of the Senate. Michelle is registered with Professional Engineers Ontario, works with Engineers Canada’s 30-by-30 gender inclusion initiative, and is an appointed member of the Law Society of Ontario Equity Advisory Group. Michelle was recognized nationally by Engineers Canada as one of the EDI Leaders in Engineering Workplaces in 2021. 

Faculty of Medicine

(x1 Position Available)

Walid Hassouni Pic

Walid Hassouni

Faculty of Medicine

My name is Walid, I am the current 3rd year French cohort representative for the TMMSA, and I am running to be the Faculty of Medicine Senate for the 2022-2023 academic year.   

My acceptance on the TMM program on the Faculty of Medicine was a very exciting news, and I am still very happy seeing how this added a lot to my career. On the other hand, a lot of my fellow peers and I have faced many issues that I believe could be changed for the upcoming years, and that’s the main reason behind my motivation to run for this position.   

My goal is to strongly defend the interests of all the students of the Faculty of Medicine and for that, the previous senator and I have thought of three major points:   

  • Working in collaboration with the University Senate to find new ways to improve student’s mental health.  
  • Improving the financial support by reducing tuition fees or/and increasing scholarships and bursaries.   
  • Raising the main issues concerning the current academic regulations.  

As a student representative I want to take student’s opinions and concerns and bring them to meetings during the decision-making process. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Alex Young

Alex Young

Faculty of Medicine

Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I’m a 2nd year medical student. I grew up in Vancouver and completed my undergraduate degree in Health Sciences at McMaster University. Before starting medical school, I worked in several different areas including research, admin, and advocacy. My past work experience has taught me the importance of being engaged with the larger community which is why I am would like to take this opportunity to represent my colleagues in medicine while engaging students part of the larger University of Ottawa. In the academia, I’m interested in student affairs, and I would like to integrate principles of student wellbeing to this role. Personally, I like to play golf and enjoy trying new restaurants in Ottawa.

Faculty of Sciences

(x1 Position Available)

Breana Sanders Pic

Breana Sanders

Faculty of Sciences

I’m a second-year student, originally from Montreal Quebec, and currently studying Biomedical Science with a minor in Philosophy. Last year, I had the privilege of being an executive for my cegeps’ student association which represented over 6,700 students. With this I sat on their version of the Senate. Having that experience, and only being here a year, I possess a fresh pair of eyes to identify the aspects I believe need to be improved:

Due to the constant switching from online and in person courses, I will fight for an increase in academic resources available. Some students next year may be going to school in person for the first time in their university career, therefore I will ensure their transition will be adequately supported. Also, COVID-19 has caused strains on students mentally, thus I will advocate for additional mental health resources to be provided.

To stay connected, I will improve the social media presence run by the Senate student caucus by posting any and all updates frequently. In addition, I will guarantee a conduction of regular consultations and surveys for students to get their perspectives on any changes related to academic regulations.

I still am unaware of how to file discrimination incidents. So, I pledge to support and promote awareness of these resources. That way students will receive help and not fear further occurrences. Lastly, I will promote and integrate an understanding of EDI for all members of the university.

Tarasha Sharma_Photo

Tarasha Sharma

Faculty of Sciences

Hi Science! I am Tarasha, a 4th year Biopharmaceutical Science (BPS) student specializing in Medicinal Chemistry and pursuing the Science Policy option. I have been trusted and elected for 3 years by science students to represent them in various student government roles:

  • 2019: Program Representative for BPS on the Science Student’s Association (SSA)
  • 2020: Science Director on UOSU’s Board
  • 2021-Present: Science Director on UOSU’s Board

Through these roles, I have helped uOttawa students in many ways:

  • Planning Bursaries and Scholarships to provide uOttawa students up to $175,000 in financial aid for mental health, academics, and wellbeing
  • Establishing a partnership between the Centre of Research Opportunity and BioTalent Canada to provide students with free skills training (value of $1000) to enhance their job-readiness
  • Making meaningful contributions at Board meetings and asking important questions so that decisions are made in the best interest of students

Given that the University of Ottawa Senate is the highest authority on academic matters and determines academic policies and issues, it is very important that you have a voice at these decision-making tables and have someone who represents you with commitment and responsibility. I am that person because I will communicate with you regularly on updates from the Senate, create opportunities for you to provide input and suggestions, and advocate for academic accommodations to provide you with more flexibility. I hope that through this position, I can help uplift your undergraduate experience so that we all achieve our full potential together!

Email: tshar078@uottawa.ca

Faculty of Social Sciences

(x1 Position Available)

Vacant Position

Telfer School of Management

(x1 Position Available)

Reana Agil Pic

Reana Agil

Telfer School of Management

Hiya everyone! My name is Reana Agil and I am a third-year business technology student here at Telfer. I am currently this year’s Telfer Student Senator, a career centre ambassador, and VP Events at The Finance Society, seeking re-election to continue the amazing work started with you all and our faculty this year. Fun Fact about me, I am terrified of heights but love planes and once travelled across 3 continents in 24 hours:) I am incredibly excited to have the chance to run again this year and be able to accomplish more incredible mandates and continue making your voices heard. My Instagram linked below also has updates on the amazing initiatives completed this year:)

Here are some brief details on my proposed mandates this year: 

  1. Increase in research opportunities for Telfer students and incentives for research such as scholarships and bursaries for participation as well as awards for winning research projects.
  2. Development of up-to-date industry-related seminar courses and/or increase in industry professionals in our curriculum that can better reflect the current work landscape.
  3. Continued work on ensuring the completion of our work on better accessibility of courses online/in-person in the future and delivery times for Bursaries and Scholarships.

If you have any questions or any recommendations for objectives you would like to see, please feel free to message me @reana.telfersenate on Instagram, or on LinkedIn at Reana Agil. Thank you for your support and time.

Faculty of Social Sciences

(x1 Position Available)

University Board of Governors

One (1) seat to fill (application to all faculties)

Amina El Himri Pic

Amina El Himri

Faculty of Arts

My name is Amina; I am an international student from morocco who has served as your clubs and services commissioner for a year and a half as well as a Teacher’s assistant for the past fiscal year. With your support, I am hoping to continue all the wonderful work I have done with our students union, through our university’s board of governors. My platform highlights advocating for universally accessible education and resources for our students as well as advocating for international students. Stay tuned on my socials to read more on my campaign, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, suggestions, recommendations, or changes you want to, feel free to email me at aelhi020@uottawa.ca

Faculty of Medicine

(x1 Position Available)

Alex Metaxis Pic

Alexander Metaxas Mariatos

Faculty of Law - Common Law Section

Welcome! Meet Alex at www.AlexOttawa.ca !

  • Unity in Community
  • Safety in Diversity & Responsibility
  • Integrity & Accountability
  • Compassion & Resilience
  • Excellence
  • Sustainability


Alex is a successful Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA) and a former Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). Alex is a trusted and effective community leader. He has extensive leadership experience in governance, general management, and financial
comptrollership. Before Law School, Alex served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Teamwork, loyalty, and responsibility are central to his philosophy. He has been distinguished with a Special Operations Forces Commanding Officer’s Commendation and was recognized as the Navy’s Top Logistics Officer in the Fleet. As a public servant, he worked tirelessly for 10 years to enhance accountability in the public sector and enhance the efficiency of government spending, so that the right programs could receive the right funding for the right people. He will apply the same integrity, rigour, and dedication as your representative.

Having travelled throughout Canada and all around the world, he appreciates the need for a genuine and unrelenting pursuit of innovation and sustainability in our environmental, economic, and social eco-systems. Alex was born in Edmonton, Alberta and was raised by parents of immigrant descent. True to his heritage, he values hard work, a diversity of perspective, and most importantly, maintaining a steady hand in the face of adversity. Alex looks forward to serving you.

Anna Rezaigue Pic

Anais Rezigue

Faculty of Social Sciences

Hello\ Allô, my name is Anaïs (she/elle). I am a first year international development and globalization major, on a pre-law track, from the Montreal Island. I am interested in socioeconomic equity, financial literacy and modern conflicts. And, I am running for the Board of Governors, with the hope of representing BIPOC communities at the University, assist students, and advocate for better language equality, mental health and other issues that affect students.

Saad Sbai Pic

Saad Sbai

Faculty of Engineering

Saad Sbai is a first-year student in the Bachelor of Applied Sciences – Civil Engineering program. Passionate about community life in all its glory, Saad had accumulated more than 4 years of experience as a student representative at his secondary school, a total of four consecutive terms by re-election. He has long been interested in all the cultural aspects of the community, with the School Initiative for extracurricular Activities (SIA), leading him to found and chair the Organizing Committee for Contests and Competitions (OCCC), a student club with the aim of promoting personal cultural development, whether entertainment or competitive.

Philanthropist and cement-lover, Saad has constantly sought to explore more and more the world we live in, satisfying at the same time his thirst for adventures and unique experiences. From Casablanca to Vancouver, he maintains the same wonder for reinforced concrete structures, open-air construction sites, and incredible projects around the world.

Jessica Tchida Pic

Jessica Tchida

Faculty of Social Sciences

Hi everyone, My name is Jessica (she/her) and I am a fourth-year BSc Psychology student with a minor in Aging Studies from Edmonton, Alberta! Since 2018, I have made Ottawa my home, where I have largely focused on uOttawa undergraduate student life. This can be seen through my volunteer work with the Psychology Students’ Association over the last two years, where I am currently holding the positions as both President, and VP of Financial Affairs. In addition, I have lived and worked in five of uOttawa’s residences for the past three years as both a Community Advisor (CA) and a Team Lead. Academically, I am involved with research through the uOttawa NISE (NeuroImmunology, Stress, and Endocrinology) lab, where I am focusing on the potential mental health implications of the gut-brain axis. After seeing the many changes arise on campus regarding hybrid learning and student life these past four years, and now having a greater understanding of university finances and politics, I would like to focus on advocating for the interests of undergraduate students through the Board of Governors. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to listen, develop and represent undergraduate studentsvoices. If you have any questions or would like to view my candidacy further, feel free to reach out via Instagram at Jessica.uO.Governors 🙂

Hadi Tehfe Pic

Hadi Tehfe

Faculty of Medicine

Hadi Tehfe is a second year undergraduate medical student who is passionate about making medicine an accessible place, as well as focusing on improving social accountability for marginalised populations. He is the medical admissions representative for the MD2024 cohort, spending his time making sure that prospective medical students feel that they are ready to tackle their interviews and feel welcomed at the university. In his free time, you can find Hadi engaging in pop-culture, spending time with his friends and family, or dancing to musical numbers and K-pop. Hadi is running to be elected as your Board of Governors undergraduate student representative. Hadi intends to make improving the undergraduate experience for marginalised UOttawa students one of his priorities as BOG. With the unfortunate passing of a Muslim family in London, and the hate that some students are experiencing downtown due to the protests, these events serve as a testament to the fact that the university should strive to work harder in further supporting their marginalized students. Hadi intends to further explore the realities of these groups at UOttawa, engage in discussions with students, and then directly voice these concerns to foster change that is most in line with the needs of the community itself. Hadi’s goal on the BOG is to prioritise the well-being of all undergraduate students, including those who are marginalised, by making himself available to listen to their concerns. For questions, you can reach him on Facebook (Hadi Tehfe) or through email at htehf091@uottawa.ca.