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My name is Sam Yee, and I’m currently in my second year of Biomed with a minor in Indigenous studies. I’m running to represent the Faculty of Science on the University of Ottawa Students’ Union (UOSU) Board of Directors (BoD). The BoD is a body of elected students who votes on motions, amends the Constitution, holds monthly Board meetings, and oversees the financials of the Union. As this past school year progressed, I felt more and more compelled to make my voice and the voices of my peers heard. My #1 policy priority is mental health, which I know is an issue that hits very close to home for many science students. A number of causes that are important to me have become increasingly relevant at uOttawa this past year, including but not limited to: affordable education, anti-racism, the rights of women and gender minorities, environmental sustainability, and the rights of Indigenous peoples. I want to build an environment of unconditional solidarity amongst students at uOttawa, so that we are all activists in one way or another, and lift each other up when oppression, inaction and inequity bring us down. The stronger the students are as a cohesive movement, the more pressure we can put on our administration and institutions to effect the policy changes we need. Science, I hope that I can count on your vote this election. Voting takes place March 25-27 – be sure to check your uOttawa emails!

Vacant Position.

Vacant Position.

Telfer School of Management (3)



People of Telfer, your true representative is here!

Let’s work hand in hand together for a better student’s right, for a more inclusive university, but above all for a better representation of Telfer.

Vacant Position.

Vacant Position.

Faculty of Social Sciences (4)


Henry is currently in his second year studying political science. Keenly aware of the issues at play in the lives of students, he is running for the Board of Directors because he wants to bring a fresh voice and a new approach to student government. Henry has stood in solidarity with students protesting climate inaction and the state of mental health services and wants the UOSU to advocate for better solutions on these and other issues like affordability and better bilingual services. He is also running on a platform of greater accountability from UOSU, and to build community by promoting more consistent initiatives to engage students. Henry is also committed to help UOSU foster stronger ties with recognized student governments and elected representatives.



My name is Jayde Lavoie. I am honoured to announce my campaign to represent Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) students on the Board of Directors (BOD) of the University of Ottawa Student Union (UOSU). My approach to my role as an FSS Director on the BOD would seek to address areas for improvement that I have encountered throughout my active engagement in student politics:

  1. ELEVATING BIPOC VOICES: I vow to work with the networks I have established this year to advocate for proper recognition of Black excellence within my role on the BOD, and to help cultivate an environment that offers all students the same opportunity to thrive in student politics. Most importantly, I vow to listen before speaking, and to recognize my platform as a responsibility that is intrinsically tied to my privilege.
  2. COHESIVE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN NETWORKS: Given the overwhelming nature of this past year’s transition to the UOSU, comprehensive communication networks between different levels of student governance is vital. If elected, I will aim to both establish and strengthen these integral communication channels. I vow to make the time to understand and reduce gaps in effective dialogue, and to act as a resource and liaison between the UOSU Executive and RSGs.
  3. FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF UOSU EQUITY WORK: If elected, I vow to strengthen work on equity initiatives at a BOD-level, and continue my recognition of – and involvement in – inspiring grassroots equity work being conducted by student volunteers.

As I write this, I am overwhelmed by my own enthusiasm to continue engaging with uOttawa student politics.



My name is Serge Patenaude and I’m a 3rd year student studying political science and communication. As a student who’s been involved with RSG’s (AÉÉIPPSSA) for 101 week and the academic year, I’ve been able to build an idea of what concerns social science students the most. If elected to the BoD (Board of directors) I will make sure to try and lower tuition fees by fighting Ford’s cuts, I will fight for better mental health access on campus in light of recent events over the months and promote a greener campus for all. I want to build a campus for the many, not the few, and I hope I have your confidence on March 25-27. Thank you and don’t forget to vote Serge Patenaude for BoD social science!



My name is Zaina Abusayma. I would like to acknowledge that I live and study on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Anishnabek territory.

I am thrilled to be running for re-election to represent the Faculty of Social Science (FSS) on the Board of Directors (BOD) of the University of Ottawa Student’s Union (UOSU). As a feminist representative for FSS, I will bring intersectional representation for the board.

Time and time again we’ve seen vulnerable student’s face inequity on our campus, and I believe our students union BOD has a large role in addressing this. Class, race, ability, sexuality, or citizenship should elevate, never hinder, the university experience and I will work to ensure that these identities do not pose as barriers in engaging with our students’ union.

Strengthening our student’s union to bring it in line with an intersectional perspective can be achieved through extensive consultation and collaboration with QTBIPOC and marginalized communities, strengthening our student’s services, and filling vacant Board seats with diverse student representation.

Thank you for your trust in me.

Please take care of yourself and others during this difficult time as we face the COVID-19 emergency.

Executive Committee candidates



Hey uOttawa,

My name is Jason Seguya, mathematics Student of the Faculty of Science, first Student Life Commissioner, and now I am running for the President position within the University of Ottawa Students’ Union (UOSU).

As your Student Life Commissioner, this year was a year of firsts, building and learning! From our first successful 101 Week together, the introduction of a new event know as Pre-Panda, to challenging racial discrimination and fighting for accessible and safe spaces (both internally and externally) – I am so grateful for this incredible experience!

I’m asking for your support as President so that we can continue to build our students’ union!


Hello! My name is Babacar Faye and I’m a third year Political Science and Common Law student, in his first year of Common Law. I’m a calm and reserved person, and often spend my time daydreaming or plotting on my next project. On campus, you can usually find me at Fauteux Hall studying, at FSS getting a croissant from Première Moisson or musing around in Morrisset. At home, I spend my time procrastinating cooking, writing and doing Yoga, if I’m not forced to watch something by my roommates. I’m determined in all of my causes, and I’ve been constantly involved on campus, first as a member of the Public Administration Committee with IPPSSA, but also as VP external to Amnesty International uOttawa. I started this year as Head Safety Ambassador of UOSU’s first ever 101 week and I also sit on the Board of Directors, sitting on 3 committees. Over the past 3 years, I’ve grown to love and see the uOttawa community as my own. Lately, I’ve seen a new union rise, with the hopes of renewing trust and reviving student life on our campus. I hold student life to heart and am always available to support my peers. colleagues, vote Baba because Babacares! You can read more of my platform by following this link : https://babacares2020.wixsite.com/monsite/plateforme?lang=en

Equity Commissioner

Vacant Position.

Francophone Affairs Commissioner



Hello, my name is Marissa, and I am presenting my election platform based on visibility, engagement and inclusion in the Francophone student community. Some of the major initiatives I would like to put in place to increase the visibility of the Francophone community on campus would be to include a Francophone event during 101 Week and the promotion of Bilingual Active Offer in the UOSU services as well as with the RSGs (recognized student governments). Some other ways that I plan to engage the student population would be to organize a francophone networking event where students can come for coffee and share their ideas or concerns about the francophone community or about bilingualism on campus. I would really like to push for an intersectional approach by working with the Equity Commissioner and with services such as RISE, the Pride Centre, the Centre for Students with Disabilities and the International House, to name a few. I also want to address the issues of linguistic insecurity and the Francophone minority community. I will also promote the second-language tutoring offered by the Bilingualism Centre in order to offer this opportunity to as many students as possible. A little about me: I am a proud Fransaskois who is passionate about Francophonie and bilingualism, in my third year of Political Science and Communication. Since my first year, I have been involved not only in the francophone community, but also in student politics, as Director of Bilingualism for the AEEIPPSSA. That’s why I feel more than ready to advocate for you!


Hello University of Ottawa students. I am Rony Fotsing, the current Operations Commissioner of the UOSU. In this role I have reviewed, streamlined and reorganized operations from scratch. I have also strengthened internal controls.

And I am pleased to present my candidacy for the position of Francophone Affairs Commissioner.

La Francophonie is close to my heart. I am part of the Francophone community and I am in a good position to know their needs and to see the newcomers and those who are here feel the change and complete the projects already begun by the current Francophone Affairs Commissioner. It will be the realization of a personal conviction.

If I am elected, I will first of all identify the real needs of the community and be there to hear them. Finally, I will focus on direct interaction with the community, which will enable me to propose better solutions and meet its objectives. A few points of my platform:

  • Support recognized student clubs, associations and governments in the organization of French-language events.
  • To have more French-speaking counsellors to assist students
  • To work with faculties to have materials in French for courses that are given in French.

For more details on my platform, I invite you to consult my various accounts on social networks.

Thank you for your support. My success will be thanks to you and dedicated to you.

On March 25th, 26th and 27th 2020, VOTE Rony Fotsing – Francophone Affairs Commissioner.



Hello, my name is Daphnée Veilleux- Michaud and I am running for Francophone Affairs Commissioner. My goals for next year are to create activities where francophones, francophiles and people who are eager to learn French can meet, have fun, and learn French! Whether we do coffeehouse to practice our French in a non-judgmental environment or awesome French activities for 101 Week! I have experienced linguistic insecurity for a few years now, so I have been where many of you are! I have also been organizing francophone services and activities with FESFO and RÉFO. Vote Daphnée for francophone affairs commissioner for French for all!

Operations Commissioner

(no information available)

Student Life Commissioner

Vacant Position.

Advocacy Commissioner



Hi uOttawa, my name is Tim Gulliver, I’m a 2nd year Polisci major, and I’m running to be the UOSU’s next Advocacy Commissioner. This Executive position is vital, as it helps set the policy agenda for our union.

Let’s be honest – uOttawa needs work. Tuition fees in Ontario are among the highest in the country, yet last fall, thousands of students saw their OSAP cut or their international tuition fees raised. We are in the midst of a mental health crisis, and it took far too many tragic deaths for the university to listen. There’s also an incredible amount of work to do on climate justice, housing rights, decolonization & anti-black racism. On all of these fronts, the university must adopt bold solutions, and municipal, provincial & federal governments must be pressured to do their part.

uOttawa needs work, and the only way we can improve this campus is if we have a strong, trustworthy student movement fighting for us. As a student, I co-led the student response to the Church of Scientology’s exhibit on campus and co-organized a protest against Ford’s education cuts. As a Board of Directors member, I have been a voice for ethics, transparency & accountability. And I’m committed to listening, learning and unlearning, and building change from the bottom-up, not the top-down.

I’ve showed up, been involved, understand the seriousness of this job and will fight for all of us. Let’s build change at uOttawa together – I’d be honoured to have your support.

Student Services Commissioner



Hello beautiful students, I’m Amina, running to be UOSU’s first ever student services commissioner. Sounds like a fancy position of power, right? No; it’s not power that students give you when they elect you, it’s responsibility and trust. I’m here to work FOR you. To listen to you and to give you access to the best services. If elected, I promise to provide clubs and services with all the resources they need to run. I will work hard on highlighting the roles of each and every single service. I will fight for better mental health on campus and do my best to provide students with more accessible counselling resources. Money is always a big help so, if elected, I will make sure the student life fund is increased. Why vote for me, you ask? I am just a student, like you, so I can’t speak for all students and I can’t name all of their problems. But I will listen, to each and every single one of you and I will find a solution to your problem(s). If elected, I will enforce an open communication policy that strongly encourages the students to participate in all the decision making because this is our campus, not just mine.